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The Mayan Prophecys

Who were the Mayans?
The Mayans inhabited a region encompassing southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and Honduras. The first signs of the Mayan civilization 3,000 years ago occurred. Memo from a predominantly agricultural economy the most are considered the keepers of the most sophisticated and beautiful art of the ancient New World. Apart from constructing buildings such notables as palaces, pyramids, temples and astronomical observatories.Before the arrival of the Spaniards were built by the Maya Aztec Empire, around the fifteenth century. In 1519, Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez began the conquest of the Aztec territory, which included the ancient lands of the Maya. Only in 1697 the last city was subdued by the Spanish, due to strong resistance. The Classic Maya culture went into decline in the eighth and ninth centuries.The Maya developed a hieroglyphic script, similar to that used in Egypt. In mathematics possibly developed the concept of "zero" centuries before the Old World. In astronomy and charted the course of several phases heavenly bodies, especially the Moon and Venus. The Mayan calendar is considered one of the most accurate of all used.

Mayan Calendar and 2012
The Popol Vuh is one of the few remaining books of the Maya civilization. According to this book are currently living in the fourth stage of creation. In the first three creations gods failed in creation, but the fourth attempt was successful, but this phase will end at the beginning of the 13th b'ak'tun.The previous creation ended on a long count from .19. Another .19 place in December 20, 2012, followed by the beginning of the fourteenth b 'k' tun, .0, which will be on December 21, 2012.One can not doubt the ability of people without astronomical instruments in the sixteenth century in Europe were able to calculate a solar year of 365.2420 days. More accurate and that European pioneers. Yet the prophecies of the Mayans can be interpreted as a new era for mankind and not its destruction, as there are inscriptions of forecasts up to the year 4772, for example.
Were the Mayans predicting a galactic alignment that occurs every 26,000 years in which the sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way? Or were predicting the change of the earth's axis relative to the celestial sphere on December 21, 2012?

First Prophecy
According to the Mayan sacred book, the Chilam Balam, in the end of the last katun (2012), cities and civilizations will be destroyed, but the period of darkness will end with the men of the Sun, the Earth will awaken to the north and west. This first prophecy talks about the end of the fear, the "time of no time," and covers the last 20 years, katun, of the great solar cycle of 5125 years.
According to the Mayan , from 1999 there would be a season of darkness in which mankind would be required to review and analyze their behavior with themselves, with their environment, with nature and the planet. The Maya portrayed this period as one in which humanity will enter the Great Hall of Mirrors.

Second Prophecy
This forecast shows that from the solar eclipse occurred on August 11, 1999, the behavior of mankind would become quickly and can live two situations: either lose control or be able to work around conflicts, achieving inner peace. Furthermore, the shadow that the moon projected on Earth during the eclipse - predicting areas of conflict - involving Europe, Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and India.
Situations of death, suffering and destruction, while cause and circumstances of solidarity and respect for their fellow human being. Changes occur in the form of communication in economic systems, social and religious. The changes will also affect the ethical and religious convictions.

Third Prophecy
The third prophecy says the earth's temperature will increase, causing changes in climate and geology. Warming, according to the Maya, will occur mainly due to the lack of synchronicity between man and nature. However, other factors will also be generated by the sun, which will produce more radiation due to the increase of its vibration. Allied to these factors, changing the behavior of the Sun will cause climatic variations, changes in rainfall, high winds, hurricanes and typhoons. Although 70% of the planet is covered by water, the heating will produce droughts, fires and reduction of agriculture, as the temperature increase will reduce the relative humidity, decreasing rainfall and indirectly affecting the fauna. The entire situation could lead to electricity shortages, social unrest and increased numbers of pests, such as malaria.

Fourth Prophecy
Shows that global warming due to manmade environmental problems and higher activity of the sun will cause the poles, causing an increase in sea levels and flooding of coastal lands, which will affect 50% of the world.
The electromagnetic shield of the earth will decrease, as the production of ozone in the ionosphere, which so far prevented the arrival of ultraviolet rays on the planet. In recent years, several peaks in the world have lost much of the ice. In Antarctica, the temperature in recent years has increased 2.5 ° C.

Fifth Prophecy
The crisis of the systems happen to that man face to himself and thus sees the need to reorganize the company toward an understanding of evolution and creation. This prophecy says that increased activity of the sun can cause damage to satellites, complicating communications and control information on the planet. The unusual dose of ultraviolet air expands, lowering the pressure that exists on the satellites are at low altitudes. This will make them reduce their orbit to a more rapid, which will cause the loss of contact with them. The radio and television will also be affected, because the ionosphere is that different frequencies are transmitted.

Sixth Prophecy
According to Mayan prophecy sixth in the coming years a comet will endanger the existence of Earth and humanity. The Mayans believed the presence of comets as signs of change, of evolution.
The comet reported in prophecy, Ajenjo, was also announced by various faiths and religions. The presence of comets always generated impacts on public opinion. The most famous is Halley's comet, which in 1456 was regarded as an agent of the devil. How great scholars and observers of the sky, the Maya knew it would be important for the modern man to discover the large asteroids in advance so they could dispose of or divert it from its course.

Seventh Prophecy
The prophecy speaks about the seventh time the solar system, in its cyclical turning, will leave the night to enter the dawn of the galaxy. For 13 years, from 1999 to 2012, the light emitted from the galactic center synchronized living beings, enabling them to agree voluntarily to an inner transformation, opening up the opportunity to change your limits and break through the mind. The ability to read minds revolutionize civilization, it will eliminate the lie forever, ending the violence and negative emotions. All human beings, connected together as a whole, will usher in a new being in the galactic order. Life will be longer due to a super-immune system and this new reality, the deployment of new technologies in production eliminate poverty forever.

Mayan Inca Aztec Egyptian Prophecy 2012

Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles the connection.

Scholars and researchers have discovered an extraordinary connection between rare ancient 6000 year old Sumerian symbols, ancient symbols from the mysterious Mayan calendar, and a group of amazing signs and symbols found among crop circle formations believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, that are now appearing in the farmlands of the English countryside. THREE TIME AWARD WINNER – International UFO Congress EBE Awards, Best Documentary, Best Historical Documentary and Peoples Choice Award. What are these symbols collectively trying to say? Scientists believe that we are looking at a great symbolic message system, covering vast distances of historical time and space. However only now with the aid of advanced code breaking technology and the hard work of brilliant researchers, we have been able to connect the dots of antiquity, further unlocking a detailed set of messages that fortell a great prophecy about the future of our planet and confirmation of humanities extraterrestrial origins.
 For those that still insist that crop circles are created by “blokes with planks”… this film debunks this theory as it features video evidence of a crop circle being created in a flash of light which was caught on camera and quite frankly, the designs of these phenomena start to make that theory laughable. There is however some dispute over the claims made in the film about  Aztec/Mayan symbols in the depictions.  We could have written pages of evidence/counter evidence here, but we’d present no argument that can’t be found elsewhere, so it’s better to just watch the videos and draw your own conclusions….

Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles - An Extraordinary Connection

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