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The Secrets of Dr Zahi Hawass and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

For many years people have contemplated the mysteries of what the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx has to offer. No one really knows what it was built for, or why people worked so hard to make such huge structures. Was the Sphinx an animal that existed in that time? No one knows for sure. One thing is for sure though, many people have tried to hinder research, and silence people that make discoveries. These people are called the Supreme Council of Antiquities or the SCA. I know what your thinking, how could anyone cover up such discoveries when they could benefit all of humanity by unraveling the secrets of ancient Egypt, and possibly our origins? The answer is simple. Its because the people in power, that have planted this SCA organization, know the real secrets of ancient Egypt. Sure they can't do much when it comes to hiding these huge structures, but they can skew what people know, and spark debate with religious communities, so that people are left arguing over what the meaning of these wonders are.

Dr. Zahi Hawass has been on the Supreme Council of Antiquities since 2002. The SCA has setup a system in which Archeologists must report through "the proper channels" when they make any kind of discovery on the Giza plateau. This is much like the Vatican does when it comes to the subject of extra terrestrials and other findings with their telescope at the Vatican Observatory. They do this because first and foremost they want the truth before everyone else, but not only that, they want to use the truth to spin their own explanations. This is very similar to what the SCA is doing with the mysteries of Egypt. Could it be a Vatican controlled branch? It is very possible, but that is only speculation. Lets stick to the facts. The SCA on record has been responsible for a number of things including: slander, embezzlement, coverups and possibly more that no one knows about because they are a very tight knit organization. Sure they make public announcements but it has nothing to do with the truth. This has been proven in a number of news publications. Hawass is the untouchable ring leader of this group. The Supreme Council of Antiquities claims that it is an organization setup for the conservation, protection, and regulation of all archaeological excavations in Egypt. This to me seems that its basically setup to cover up, and lie about the true secrets of Ancient Egypt. Lets not forget that a lot of ancient magical and occult practices are rooted in ancient Egypt. If these secret society like goons know of such power, you best believe they aren't going to share that knowledge with the likes of you. Dr. Hawass is more of an administrator of this organization than he is a true archaeologist. One could say that if he was more of an archaeologist then he wouldn't be much of a useful administrator to the SCA. Dr. Zahi Hawass is a very controversial figure because he has been caught in bold face lies before. One of these lies was where he attended school. A. Robert Smith has said on record that he got Dr. Zahi Hawass a scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania for Egyptology. He got him a scholarship through a board member that was in ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment). Hawass has denied this claim publicly even though it is a fact that he really did attend the University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship. Did he really think reporters and journalists wouldn't do the due diligence on this one? You know what I say, once a liar always a liar. Who knows what else he has lied about. It is obvious it doesn't bother him in the slightest to tell the most ridiculous lies ever. How did he benefit from saying he didn't go to the University of Pennsylvania? I believe that is very strange. The Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE) is very interested in the Giza plateau because it is believed that a "Hall of Records" is hidden underground near the Sphinx that holds the secrets of the lost civilization of Atlantis. This claim was made by a man named Edgar Cayce in the 1920s.

The Association of Research and Enlightenment is just another organization. The controllers of this organization is ARCE (American Research Center in Egypt). Surprised? You shouldn't be after all here in the United States we do have the all seeing eye and pyramid without a capstone on the back of our 1 dollar bills. You best believe that the Freemasons are well connected and seated within this organization. When doing research on this I suggest researching the agenda of ARCE, because ARE is a division of that organization. If you talk to people within the government of Egypt, they all hate Hawass. He has been flattered and corrupted by the American Research Center in Egypt. Hawass is their puppet. He furthers their agenda, and he helps to keep the secrets of ancient Egypt to the organization. According to the ARCE website, they are funded and controlled by the US Department of State. This means that not only do they do scientific functions, but they are also there for political reasons. This is the headquarters for all North American scholars in Egypt.

Dr. Zahi Hawass knows something about the secret chamber below the Sphinx. He doesn't want anyone to find out about it, because it is the legendary "Hall of Records" left by the Atlantis civilization. It has been proven with seismic surveying equipment by a Professor of Geology from Boston. The real chamber is located 25 meters below the Sphinx's left paw. Hawass recently has drilled a hole 10 meters below the Sphinx, and he says he did this because he wanted to protect the Sphinx from becoming more damaged by rising water levels. He used this to discredit the facts about the hidden chamber. Too bad facts cannot be discredited. If he only dug 10 meters under the left paw obviously this isn't far enough. Of course, Dr. Hawass made it perfectly clear that there is no hidden vault under the Sphinx. He obviously is lying and I have the proof in the YouTube videos I am about to show you.

Edgar Casey Sphinx Mysterious Vault : Scientist Discover's a vault under sphinx

Drilling under the Sphinx (Featuring Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Mark Lehner)
It is obvious that Dr. Zahi Hawass is a plant by secret societies to hide the true secrets of ancient Egypt. His lies are profound, and he acts like what he says is scripture. This is the age of the Internet. Do your own research and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Dr. Zahi Hawass is a fraud and a puppet of the Freemasons and Association of Research and Enlightenment. Please leave comments and let me know if I have left anything out.

Article by Ray published in the Blog Planet X Nibiru

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