Friday, March 11, 2011

U.S.O.´s Unidentified Submerged Objects

Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs are any objects or optical phenomenon seen in the water which are of unknown origin and cannot be identified even after being thoroughly investigated. These Unidentified Submerged Objects are seen by most ufologists and investigators as a phenomenon the same as or similar to UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects, the difference being they are seen traveling under or entering or leaving a body of water.
Most USO sightings are of a "typical" UFO emerging from the water, and are not seen or classified as a separate phenomenon by most people. Although identifying and dispelling unidentified flying objects has typically been important to militaries as a national security, the relatively rare USO sightings, compared to UFO sightings have never been reported as a national threat or caused the sensation that typical UFO sightings often have.
Ranging is size and shape the most common USO sightings are of disk shapped or cylindrical shapped objects. Traveling at speeds far exceeding any earth based underwater craft these objects typically travel anywhere between 150 and 500 knots when submerged. Some of these objects have even been reported as traveling at much higher speeds.

Here are some of the most famous reports regarding USOs for you to ponder about.

The Pascagoula, Mississippi USO- On the night of November 6th, 1973, two brothers fishing the Pascagoula River witnessed a strange, metallic-like object under the surface of the water nearby. The object appeared to be glowing and following their boat. (Read More)

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia- On the night of October 4th, 1967, a UFO was seen hovering over Nova Scotia's South Shore. The object, which was witnessed by a number of people, tilted to a 45 degree angle and crashed into the water at a high rate of speed. (Read More)

1952-Crew aboard the U.S.S. FDR witness a metallic object rise from the water and into the sky. This was not the first of sightings for the crew aboard this ship. I find it interesting that at the time of these sightings the U.S.S. FDR was the only ship carrying nuclear weapons. Interesting indeed! Check out this video.

USOs And the U.S.S. FDR

UFOs have been seen by many people all over the world and for a planet where two thirds of the surface is covered by water it should come as no surprise to the eclectic that there is more life hidden away from our eyes than what we get to see on TV. USOs or Unidentified Submerged Objects have been seen by many explorers, sailors, naval officers, fisherman and regular folk getting around the planet in their ships and boats. Deep Sea UFOs is a History Channel Documentary on the phenomena of underwater UFOs with some interesting case studies of USO encounters tracing far back to the time when Columbus and his crew were crossing the Bermuda Triangle and sighted mysterious underwater lights which top UFO researchers like Stanton Friedman believe correspond to USO activity reported in modern times.

There is a strong belief among some that these UFOs emerge from inside the Hollow Earth and have their origins in the super advanced ancient city of Atlantis which lies somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic ocean. Many folks living along the Indian coastline have also witnessed bright colorful lights in the sky, particularly right before the Tsunami hit the eastern coast.

U.F.O.F - S03E02 - Deep Sea UFO's 

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