Monday, March 28, 2011

Fukushima nuclear disaster still far from over

The nuclear crisis in Japan is still far from over, "as the center of Fukushima Daiichi continues to release radioactivity into the atmosphere and the sea, said today the Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano.The emergency situation may drag on for weeks if not months. This is the estimate made possible by Amano. "This is a very serious accident in all standards and is not over yet," Amano said in a telephone interview with the newspaper "New York Times," from Vienna.
"We must do more to stop the accident," he said, although noting that this will not be easy because of the conditions in which they work at the plant. Because of the high radioactivity and damage to the central monitoring equipment, the operator TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) not sure if the cores of the reactors and the fuel rods are used, or not covered by water required for cooling and the end of problems.
There are "areas where we have no information. Neither we nor the Japanese. " Still, Amano asked Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan "total transparency" about the situation of nuclear crisis in Fukushima.

Currently, the biggest concern for Amano, in office since late 2009, focuses on the fuel rods stored in cooling ponds on top of the reactor buildings. The officer confessed to still be concerned about the radioactivity released into the environment.
Water with increasingly high levels of radioactivity is to escape the second reactor to the adjacent building the turbine. However, TEPCO not know where that is coming radioactive water, somewhere inside of the reactor building.
Yesterday, officials of the Central began pumping fresh water into the reactor 1.2 and 3 days after using
corrosive sea water. The officials also recovered the power in the control room of reactor 2, a further step in trying to put to work the cooling system of the plant, suspended since March 11, now only the fourth reactor does not have power.

Close-up footage of ruins at Fukushima reactor, helicopter flyover of plant

10,000,000 times normal radiation spike at Fukushima 'mistake' - officials

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