Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alien Artifact from the Museum of Extraterrestrial Remains

This Artifact from the Museum of Extraterrestrial Remains may be a metal meteorite or Space Probe with a message saying I do exist! The Alien probe would be the only efficient way to communicate across interstellar space traveling much farther than any radio waves that scatter after only two light years distance. Alien intelligence civilization may have already sent us one message that has struck Earth....

The hieroglyphic-petro glyph holographic alien message formation on display is a rare artifact and not of this earth. Assay of the recovered UFO artifact fragment shown has inexplicable properties of iron, nickel, graphite, silicate inclusions, cohenite and traversite. Also found are rare minerals called Enstatite and Tridymite. The material appears to have been artificially made with an estimated Age of 4,000,000,000 years old. The Ancient message from alien intelligence civilization was made one billion years before the planet earth came into existence.

This maybe the worst case scenario, a real object of alien bit- binary-data sequence composition from an alien civilization that no humans can comprehend even using the latest cryptanalysis, linguistic and statistical analysis. Here it is displayed with the alien symbols for anyone to see what appears to be a very decipherable message. The museum contains dozen s of strange objects.


  1. Why would an advanced alien intelligence send us something we cannot decipher?

    In 1994...the discovery of 'petro photoglyphs' or photo inscribed stones provide material proof of alien artifacts inscribed with messages that can be deciphered using modern technologies.

    The messages can be readily understood within our database of knowledge...

    The only petro photoglyph research publications on earth...

  2. These facts have endured the wrath of skeptics since 1994...we have been contacted by an ancient alien intelligence...dubbed GOD...: