Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Jerusalem UFO events

The recent sightings of UFO'S on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, made me think seriously about this subject, after an intensive search over several events occurring after the new year I got to these conclusions interrelating some of these events because they involved the same type of objects.
  Having viewed the video of the appearance of thousands of dead fish in Colombia in the small village of El Llanitos and having already a strong suspicion relationship UFO / dead animals for me it was like to have seen the light and largely solved the puzzle, the type of ship involved in the incident in Colombia is the same involved in the latest incident in Jerusalem and thousands of appearances since the new year around the world, small balls of light (the same as described in the Bible to angels) and triangular mother ships.

 Given that: incidents with dead animals (birds, fish, cows, sheep) have had since the end of the year a huge increase and never stopped (despite numerous statements from the authorities with the strangest and most incredible justification for the case dismissed that would be sporadic events) and having had these events from the same type of balls of light that appeared first in Jerusalem over the Western Wall that is a Jewish holy site and then on Dome of the Rock which is a sacred place of Muslims and that both appeared after the end of the year event of what seem´s  to be gigantic mother ships near the sun (in another article in this Blog) 
All this dead animals events seems to be some kind of test weapons or something  relationed with Earth DNA  possibly these events would be to conduct tests on various types of animals as has been happening for years. The only new things in the events is are the frequency of the events and the increasingly public and relevant places were they happen starting from the end of the year.
We are here also to interrelate the so-called return of the Gods and the 2012 date indicated by the Mayans and Nostredamus.
  As for the 2012 date is known it is wrong, the date of the event will be earlier, aparently around August 2011 so something very close, so we are now getting very close to the end times and the Age of the Return of Gods.
  Here i let the videos of the recent events in Jerusalem and in Colombia take your conclusions I have already take my own

                                                      Colombia, El Llanitos event

                                                       Jerusalem Western Wall event

                                          Jerusalem Dome of the Rock event (close video)

                                          Jerusalem Dome of the Rock event (distant vew 1)

                                    Jerusalem Dome of the Rock event (two videos version)

 Jersualem Ufo Light And Speed Analysis Video

4th video of the event


The 5 videos investigation

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