Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Earth Sized Spherical Objects Orbitting Our Sun, are they the Motherships??

This one is for the people who dont beleaves to trie and explain to me... this objects are of almost the size of the Earth and it can be found rigth there on the net in EUVI 195 Behind | Scientific Frontline Space Weather Forecast Center, just have to look for thinks that people usualy dont look for :-) ... enjoy and go and take a look


We like to inform our readers that above videos has been posted since Jan. 22, 2011 on Youtube.

He autor added: on Jan. 27, 2011 "I began receiving comments saying that my video was fake based on the fact that the UFO type object was no longer viewable in the original picture located on the NASA STEREO website located within the picture archives.

Just as before once again I went to the website to look for myself and sure enough NASA has removed the UFO type object that I have highlighted in my video. Here are links to the original and the censored pictures which I have posted online so that you can download them and do your own investigating and comparisons. Again I am amazed that NASA would do this and all I can do is tell you the facts as I know them to be.

As before the URL was changed the original has the 7 and after being censored that 7 changed to a 4 making the original URL a dead link that brings up the 404 File Not Found error message. I hope that others downloaded the original at the same time as I did and they will be able to corroborate my story."

NASA original censored image : Here

NASA original image dead link : Here

NASA after airbrushed Image : Here

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