Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alien spacecrafts captured by Americans and Russians??

In recent times much of fantastic and spectacular and has appeared before our eyes and ears, dead animals, fleets of UFOs over the skies of the great world cities, huge objects in Earth's path etc etc ... after having seen thousands of videos about UFOs nothing like the two events reported in this article had appeared before me, are the American and Russian Governments in possession of alien aircrafts?wath is the reason of this extreme security mesures?  is simply fantastic, strange and almost shure fakes, i advise you to have patience Watch the videos to the end especially the United States one that is relatively large, and throw your conclusions.

Garden Grove event

The Russian event

Leaked: Secret UFO transport in the streets of Russia?

The video shows a UFO on a trailer that is transported under supervision of a number of unindentified cars in front of and behind the trailer.
It is not known whether this ufo is man-made or extraterrestrial. It seems that the UFO’s power  is lost and then retrieved. By whom is unknown.
It is strange that such transport takes place on public roads without any form of protection and visible to everyone. We conclude that this ufo is probably fake and just a promotional stunt, but if someone comes to a different conclusion or to prove that it is indeed a genuine UFO extraterrestrial or man-made? please let us know.your opinion and
please watch the video and decide for yourself…

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  1. UFO,..unidentified fucking object!!!