Friday, January 21, 2011

The influence of a more advanced intelligence on the old religions and legends

The way how mankind began to worship the gods is something that really arouses interest in me, from where cames the fantastic stories of the ancient holy books? the stories of the Torah, the Bible, the Koran etc. are the pure imagination of our ancestors? My opinion is no ... I think these stories are increased reports of things that our ancestors saw and reported the facts in the way how they knew reporting something that they did not understand, the same way you can see in this movie that i share below " Sun wheels, fire chariots and winged discs" and in a more relaxed way in the comedy "The Gods Must Be Crazy, "(which i also share) . Its realy interessing to see that man is in the essence the same as it was 4000 years ago, see the videos and take your conclusions.
 In the near future we will make updates to this article with a lot of images and a article about the aliens in history since the stone age. enjoy the movies.

Hyperborian Greetings

                                               Sun wheels, fire chariots and winged discs

                                                The Gods Must Be Crazy

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