Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Eye Project

The "Eye Project " is a multimedia project that incorporates photography, video, animation, music and text (for now, we will be open to any form of art), as the name indicates the project runs around the eyes and vision, and is designed to stimulate creativity, this is not only a personal project but is also a congregation of works about the issue made by friends and creators around the world and that i will share here too. This is a open Project so be free to post your works here. .. . More creations will come in a very near future, wellcome to the EYE Project

Photomontage 'Eyes' by American photographer Weegee (Arthur Fellig) shows altered repetitions of a single human female eye, 1960s

“Ten Blue Eyes”

Marion Bolognesi

The Eyes

I invite you to watch my new Multimedia/text project "The Eyes" its a continualy developting project so i would like to know from you your opinion´s and contructive critics so it can grow bigger and better..., hope you like it...

you can download it in HD in the folowing link

                                                                          THE EYES

                                                 AN EYE ON YOU - Short Animation

                                                AN EYE ON YOU - alternative Ending

                                              EYE SPY - Digital Graffiti Animation (2010)
                                                 The Eyes Of Truth...Enigma  (slideshow)

                                                 OLHOS Vídeo por 83 MULTIMEDIA

                                         timegate - visual live performance - une vidéo Artes