Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chariots of The Gods (1972)


In 1972 Sun Classic Pictures released an unforgettable movie entitled Chariots of the gods. Based on the best selling book by Erich von Daniken, this film rattled the cages of evolutionists and creationists by adding a 3rd category of explanations about origins. Have we evolved, were we created, or have we been helped by aliens who gave us gifts of technology and intelligence by mating with us?
This documentary will challenge you to answer questions like, “How did cultures like Egypt spring up into a ready made, fully developed, sophisticated society seemingly overnight?” In 90 short minutes this documentary tries to convince you that 30,000 years ago were we stupid and undeveloped and that, thanks to several visits from our sky parents, we were then intelligent enough to build and leave behind the…megalithic structures and evidences of technology that puzzle everyone. Though we at Bibleland disagree with von Daniken’s premise and conclusion of Alien intervention, his sound reasoning and fascinating examples from around the world at least answer the hard questions scientists ignore regarding the anomalous evidence in the record of our earliest human existence.
Von Daniken inadvertently adds another problem into the issue of origins: where do aliens come from? The same evidence can also indicate that the human race was created 6000 years ago: magnificently tall and proportioned, extremely intelligent and long-lived and that they were responsible for the fantastic artifacts left behind that we examine in this lovely film


Spaceship ? or not a spaceship?

CHARIOTS OF THE GODS - Memories of the Future-Unsolved Mysteries of the Pastby Erich Von Däniken
1970, 1st American Edition, G. P. Putnam's Sons

Chariots of the Gods [VHS] (1972)

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