Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dead animal Mistery

More 200 dead cows discovered in Wisconsin today


200 dead cows discovered in Wisconsin today. Dead birds, dead fish, now 200 dead cows in the heart of dairy country.
According to the New York Daily News, a farmer found 200 of his cows dead, he believes it is some type of virus. The dead cows are under investigation with testing to find the cause of their demise.  Authorities believe that what ever the cows died from will not put other animals or people at risk, according to the New York Daily News.

The dead cows now add to many mass deaths, first of fish and birds, and now cows. Since New Years Eve 2011, these mass dead animal finds have been reported across the globe. The first was the thousands of dead red winged black birds that were falling from the skies in Bebe Arkansas. Soon after that reports of birds from Kentucky to Italy were being reported.
Dead Fish were showing up in lakes, oceans and rivers, the largest mass of dead fish was reported in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, where 2 million dead fish floated to the surface.
Across the world, doves dropped from the skies by the hundreds in Italy, birds were found dead in Romania. Fish with no eyes floated into the shores of New Zealand.
People researched these dead birds and dead fish events in the bible and some verses were found that alluded to the judgement day. Bird, fish and animals die as a warning of this day approaching. Of course this is open to individual interpertation. The bible does mention "beasts" dying which is another word for animals, which up until know, it was only the birds and the fish that have made the news.

See the Bible possible afiliations 
Some found these predictions of Nostradamus more to the point of the dead animals  HERE

Mass bird and fish deaths have been documented for as long as people have kept records. In 1895 dead fish floated to the surface in lakes around the Middletown Connecticut area. The fish were so many that they rotted and tainted the water in the lakes, this was before formal sanitation departments existed.
This Connecticut dead fish incident was reported from neighboring New York in the New York Times 1895. The problem with today’s mass bird, fish, and now animal mass deaths is that there are so many in such a short period of time.

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