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The Vril Society - The secret societies and their power in the twentieth century

In December 1919, a forest house was rented in Ramsau, near Berchtesgaden, where they met some people of the Thule, Vril and dhvss. Among these mediums Maria Orsitsch and Sigrun. Mary had picked up information on a secret writing of the Templars. a language completely unknown to her. with technical details to build a flying machine. These telepathic messages were transmitted according to the writings of the Vril Society, the solar system Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus. I would like at this point of my story, to present the reader with a summary of the messages that were received during the year by the telepaths and the Vril Society which formed the basis of actions taken by the latter.

The solar system Aldebaran would be 68 light-years from Earth, and two inhabited planets that would represent the kingdom of sumeran, revolving around its sun. The inhabitants of this solar system are subdivided into a people masters, God-like white (Aryan) and different other human races. These would have been developed because of climate change on the individual planets and were the result of a degeneration of god-men''.'' These mutants had less spiritual development than the god-men''.'' The more the races mix, more spiritual development was degraded. Consequently, when the sun Aldebaran began to grow, they could no longer make interplanetary travel as their ancestors, it became impossible for them to leave their planets.

It was thus that the lower races, totally dependent on the master race, had been evacuated in the spacecraft and taken to other habitable planets. Despite these differences, respect was itself between these two races, they did not encroach upon the living space of another. Each race concerned the development of another (unlike what goes on between the land). The master race, the''white''man-gods, had started to colonize other planets similar to Earth about 500 million years, Following the expansion of the sun Aldebaran and the growing heat that it resulted made the planets uninhabitable. Some say that they colonized our solar system the planet Mallona (also called Maldek, Marduk or Phaeton among Russians) that existed at that time between Mars and Jupiter, now occupied by the asteroids.


Then it was time to Mars, whose great pyramid cities and the well-known Martian face photographed by the Viking spacecraft in 1976, testify to the high level of development of its inhabitants. Hence the assumption that men-gods-Sumeran Aldebaran came for the first time this season the land. Old fossilized traces of a shoe, dating from around 500 million years have shown, as well as a fossilized trilobite walked on with the heel of the shoe. This primitive fish lived on land and then disappeared 400 million years.

Members of the Vril Society believed that Aldebaranians landed later, when the earth became slowly habitable in Mesopotamia and formed the dominant caste of the Sumerians. They called these men-gods Aldebaranians''white''.

Later, the Vril telepaths received the following information: the Sumerian language was not only identical to the Aldebaranians, as she had also sounds similar to German and frequency of these two languages ​​was almost identical. This corresponds with reality? Lets just say that the construction plans and technical information received by the telepaths. from wherever they come. were so precise that arose the most fantastic idea ever conceived by man: the construction of the''machine''for the addition!

The concept of''science''another mentally matured (today use the term''alternative forms of energy''). It took three years before the project got under way. In this first phase of''other''technical''or''other science dr. W. O. Schumann, a member of the Thule and Vril, gave a lecture at the Faculty of Sciences in Munich. Here is a part of this exhibition:

In all areas, there are two principles that determine events, light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction, as the positive and negative in electricity. This is always one way or another! These two principles. designated concretely how the creative and destructive principles. determine also our technical means [...]

The destructive principle is the work of the devil, the creative principle, the work of God [...]

Any technique based on the principle of explosion or combustion can be satanic technology. The new era that will be the age of a new technique, positive and divine! [...]

(Excerpt from the secret archives of the SS).

Victor Schauberge
At the same time, the scientist Victor Schauberger worked on a similar project. He was using the teaching of Johannes Kepler, who possessed the secret doctrine of the Pythagoreans, and kept secret by the Knights Templar. This doctrine was the understanding of implosion (in this case, this means using the potential of inner worlds in the outer world). Hitler and every other member of the Thule and Vril knew that the divine principle is always creative, constructive means. A technology that, by contrast, relies on blast is because in this case, destructive and contrary to the divine principle. Then wanted to create a technology based on implosion. The doctrine of oscillation Schauberger (the principle of the harmonic series = monotone) part of the understanding of implosion. Put very simply: Implosion instead of Explosion! Through the power of monotone trajectories and the implosion technology penetrates the area of ​​anti-matter and dissolve, thus gravity.

The first dish-shaped craft was built in the summer of 1922 ; its drive based on implosion technology (the machine to the afterlife). It consisted of a disk of 8 m in diameter, raising by a parallel disc diameter of 6.5 mde and taking down another hard 6m in diameter. These three disks had a hole in the center of 1.80 m in diameter, where the propeller mounted 2.40 m in height. Below, the main body terminating in a cone shape. This cone was a kind of pendulum for stabilization of the device. The lower and upper discs rotated in opposite directions to create a rotating electromagnetic field. We know the performance of the first flying saucer. He was tried for two years before being dismantled and stored in the Messerschmidt Augsbourg.Encontramos in the financing for this project in the accounts of several industrial companies listed under the symbol''''JFM. Admittedly, the mechanism Vril was taken from the machine to''Beyond''but he was ranked as the''SM''Schumann levitator.

At first the machine to the afterlife should engender an extremely strong field around itself and its immediate vicinity, which made all of the surrounding space. including that of the machine and its occupants. a microcosm completely independent of our cosmos. At its maximum power, this field would be completely independent of all the forces and influences of our universe, such as gravity, electromagnetism, radiation or any material. She could move at will in any gravitational field without feel or detecting acceleration forces.

In June 1934, Victor Schauberger was invited by HiItler and the highest representatives of the Vril and Thule societies and worked thereafter, in collaboration with them.

The first German UFO was in June 1934. Under the direction of dr. W. O. Schuman is how the first plane circular experimental field of the aircraft factory Arado in Brandenburg, it was the first RFZ. On the occasion of his first flight, which was also the last, it rose vertically to a height of almost 60 m, but began to dance in the air for several minutes. The Arado 196 tail that should guide the device proved to be completely ineffective. It was with great sacrifice that the pilot LotharWaiz could put it down on the ground, escape and move away from running because the machine started to spin like a top before it overturned and completely to pieces. The end of RFZ1, but the early flying machines Vril.

The ORFZ 2 was finished before the end of 1934, it had a Vril drive and a magnetic impulsion''pilot.''
Its diameter was 5 m, and their characteristics were as follows: the outline of the device became blurred as it gained speed, and it lit up with different colors, which is characteristic of UFOs. According to the propulsive force, it became red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue or violet. It might work, and the year 1941 it had a remarkable destiny. Was used as reconnaissance aircraft from a considerable distance during the''Battle of Britain'', since it was established that the standard German fighter me 109 were unsuitable for transatlantic reconnaissance flights due to its small radius. He was photographed in late 1941 over the southern Atlantic, when he spoke to the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis, which was in Antarctic waters. He could not be used as a fighter for the following reason: because of its impulsion flying, RFZ the two could not make changes in direction other than 90 °, 45 ° or 22.5 °. ''It's unbelievable,''some readers will think, but it is precisely these changes in flight at right angles that characterized the UFOs.

After the success of small RFZ 2 reconnaissance aircraft such as long distance, the Vril Society had an testing ground in Brandenburg. The hunting 1DISC Vril flying equipped with light weapons, flew at the end of 1942. He had 11.5 mde diameter, had a cabin and a propulsion levitation''Schumann''and''an impulsion flying magnetic field.'' It reached speeds of 2900 to 12,000 km / h, could make changes at full speed flight at a right angle without harming the pilot was not submissive to weather and was perfectly able to fly in space. They built 17 copies of the Vril 1, there were also several variants with two seats, equipped with a glass dome.

At the same time, a project v-7 emerged. Many flying saucers used that name, but had a conventional jet propulsion. It was thanks to Andreas Epp the RFZ 7 was created, which combined a levitating flying disc with jet propulsion. A team of Schriever-Miethe-Habermohl eaquela Belluzo their preparation. He was 42 feet in diameter, but failed during a landing in Spitzbergen. On the outskirts of Prague, did however, later, a photograph of a 7 RFZ built anyway. According to Andreas Epp, he should be equipped with nuclear warheads to bomb New York. In July 1941, Schriever and Habermohl built a circular plane that took off vertically, propelled by a jet propulsion, but which had, however, serious deficiencies. Therefore developed another flywheel spun''electrostatic''gravity propulsion with a tachyon, which had a better result.

Then came the RFZ 7t, built by Schriever, and Habermohl Belluzo, who also worked beautifully. But compared to the Vril and Haunebu, flying saucers v-7 were like children's toys. Even in the middle of SS was a group working for the production of alternative energy. It was the Secretariat of the Black Sun Study IV = SS-E-IV, whose main goal was to make Germany independent of foreign crude oil. The SS-E-IV developed the''mechanism''Thule, later termed tachyonic Thule, Vril from the engine and converter tachyons Commander Hans Coler.

In August 1939, took off the first RFZ 5. It was a top wheel equipped with heavy weapons more or less, with the odd name of Haunebu I. He had a crew of eight men, was 25 m in diameter, at a starting speed was 4,800 mph and can reach up to 17,000 km / h.

It was equipped with two cannons''strong lightning''(ksk) of 60 mm, mounted on rotating turrets and four MK 106 and had a moderate ability to fly in space.

In 1942, Haunebu IIi was also finished. Its diameter varied from 26 to 32 m, its height was 9-11 m. He could carry a crew of 9 to 20 people. Propelled by a tachyon Thule, he reached the outskirts land 6,000 km / h. He could move in space and had a range of 55 flight hours.

Already existed for the large spacecraft Vril 7 120 m in diameter that would carry entire companies. Shortly after it was built Haunebu III prestigious among all absolutely exemplary, with its 71m diameter. He flew and was even filmed could carry 32 people, its flight was over eight weeks and reached a speed of at least 7,000 km / h (and the documents in the secret archives of the SS could reach 40,000 km / h).

Virgil Armstrong, former CIA operative and former Green Beret, said the German flying machines during World War II could land and take off vertically and fly at right angles. They reached 3000 km / h and were armed with laser cannons (probably ksk, strong lightning gun) which could penetrate a shield 10 cm thick.

Professor J. J. Hurtak, UFO researcher and author of Die Schlüssedes Enoch (The Keys of Enoch) said that the Germans were in the process of building what the Allies designated weapon system''miraculous''Hurtak had in his hands documents mentioned :

1. the construction of Peenemünde, a city for experiences of homing devices for space;

2. the coming of the best technicians and scientists in Germany.

Foo fighter
These documents also mentioned the existence of what were called foo fighters (fireballs). The CIA and British intelligence services were already, in 1942, construction and employment of such flying objects, but they do not appreciate their true value. The designated allies, in fact, the name foo fighters all species of luminous German flying craft. Two inventions in particular correspond to what were called foo fighters: the flying turtles and soap bubbles. The two had nothing to do with each other, but the allies associated them without reason. The Flying Turtle is designed by the research-and SS-IV in Wiener Neustadt. Its shape resembled a turtle's shell. It was an unmanned flying probe which would upset the electrical ignition system of the enemy armaments. This probe was also equipped with sophisticated weapons, Klystron tubes, called death rays by the SS. But sabotage by cutting off contact does not work perfectly at first. Continued later, to develop this technique. Anyone who has seen UFOs can confirm that this court contact, I mean the shutting down of electrical systems, is a typical characteristic of UFOs as they appear. Wendell C. Stevens, U.S. Air Force pilot during the Second GuerraMundial, said that the foo fighters were sometimes gray-green or red-orange, they approached up to 5m from the aircraft and stayed in that position. It was not possible to get rid of them, even when they were shot, the flights were obliged to turn back or land.

As for bubbles, often designated as foo fighters, were actually simple balloons, inside which were fine metal spirals to confuse the radar of enemy aircraft. Their effectiveness was probably minimal, aside from the effect of psychological intimidation.


In early 1943, embarked on the design of a cigar-shaped spaceship that was to be built in the workshops of Zeppelin, it was the''Andromeda''Apparatus (139 m long). It would transport several spacecraft in a plate form for flights (interstellar) long.

An important meeting of the Vril Society took place around Christmas 1943 in Kolberg, a seaside resort in the North Sea, to which the mediums Maria and Sigrun attended. The principal subject was the''Enterprise''Aldebaran.

The mediums had received precise information about the planets inhabited, situated around the sun Aldebaran and one trip was scheduled to go to them. On January 2, 1944 Hitler, Himmler, Künkel and Schumann (both of SociedadeVril) met to discuss this project Vril. They wanted to go, with the aid of a large spacecraft, the Vril 7 for Aldebaran via one dimensional channel.

According Ratthofer, the first test flight in a dimensional channel took place in winter 1944. The device would have prevented a disaster by a whisker: the Vril 7 photos taken after his return,''said he had traveled for a century.'' The outer coat of the booths looked very worn and was broken in many places.

On February 14, 1944, the test pilot Joachim Roehlike tested at Peenemünde the supersonic helicopter constructed by Schriever and Habermohl under the project name, v 7, which was equipped with twelve bmw 028 propellers. His vertical takeoff speed was 48 km / h, it reached a height of 24,200 feet, and her speed in horizontal flight was 2200 km / h. He could also be propelled by a non-conventional energy. However, it can never be used because Peenemünde was bombed in 1944 and its transfer to Prague has become useless, because this city was occupied by the Americans and the Russians and before you could use flying saucers.

When they occupied Germany in early 1945, the British and the Americans discovered, among other things, the secret files of the SS, photos Haunebu II and the Vril 1 as well as the Andromeda. In March 1946, President Truman made the committee's fleet of U.S. war gave permission to collect the material German so they could experience this high technology. German scientists, working undercover, were sent to the U.S. as part of the framework of Operation Paperclip. Took part in this group Victor Schauberger and Werner von Braun.

Werner von Braun.

Brief summary of the buildings that were to be produced in series

The first project was conducted under the direction of Professor dr.W. O. Schumann, Faculty of Sciences in Munich. In this project would have been built in early 1945, 17 flying disc space of 11.5 m in diameter, which would have accomplished 84 flight tests, they were fighters who were named Vril 1. At least a 7:01 Vril Vril 7 great model with the name of Odin had taken off from Brandenburg to Aldebaran, in April 1945 after having been blown up all the ground tests, one of the scientists leading the project and Vril members Store Vril.

The second project was led by the research group IV of the SS, who had constructed, by early 1945, three types of spatial tops of different sizes bell-shaped:

1. The Haunebu I, 25 m in diameter and two samples, tested 50 times (flight speed about 4800 km / h).

2. The Haunebu II, 32 m in diameter and seven copies, tested 100 times (flight speed about de6.000 km / h).

It was predicted, in fact, The Haunebu II series. A tender was the aircraft companies Dornier and Junkers. At the end of March 1945, Dornier got the contract. The official name of these heavy fliers have been the tops-stra (Dornier stratosphere).

3. The Haunebu III, with 71 m in diameter, a single copy built, flew at least 19 times (flight speed about 7000 km / h).

4. O''Aparelho Andromeda'', 139m spaceship that could one Haunebu II, two Vril 1 and two Vril 2. He was stationed as a project. There are documents certifying that the Vril 7 large version, was completed in late 1944 and that after the tests, he made some flights within the orbit and were kept secret:

1. Landing near the lake in Salzkammergut Mondsee

with essays by diving to check the pressure resistance of the fuselage;

2. the Vril-7 probably stationed at the fortress of the Alps''''March to April 1945 for security reasons and for strategic reasons. From there he flew to Spain,

where important personalities of the Reich had taken refuge, to lead them to South America and the Neuschwabenland (explanations thereafter) and put them

safely in secret bases that the Germans had built outside Germany during the war;

3. soon after, the Vril-7 would have a secret flight to Japan, but we know nothing.

What happened to the spacecraft after the war?

We can not exclude a production of a small number of Haunebu II. Different photos of UFOs, after 1945, showed typical German constructions give us what you think.

Some say that a part of the mills sank on Lake Mondsee in Upper Austria, others think they have been sent to South America, where they were transported in pieces. The truth is that even though these pieces have not come to South America, there were manufactured with the aid of the construction plans of new aircraft. They were flown, and an important part of this technology was used in 1983 in the Phoenix''''experience, preceded by experience''Philadelphia''in 1943.

In 1938 a German expedition to Antarctica, led by the aircraft carrier Schwabenland. The Germans claimed 600,000 square miles of territory which they named Neuschwabenland (New Swabia). It was a land without snow, with mountains and lakes. Whole fleets of submarines of the type 21 and 23 later took the route to Neuschwabenland. To date, more than one hundred German submarines are missing. They were equipped, among other things, with the Walter snorkel, which enabled them to remain several weeks under water. We think they went to Neuschwabenland with flying saucers in pieces, or they have at least taken the construction plans. We can also assume, for the test flights were successful that by the end of the war the flying saucers were produced there. This assumption may seem daring to many, but several important clues may, however, imagine that this is what happened.

We can then ask the question:''Why the Allies invadram the Antarctic under the command of Admiral E. Byrd, in 1947?''

If it was only one expedition, because Byrd had 4,000 troops at its disposal, a warship, an aircraft carrier all equipped and a complete supply system?

He had eight months, and yet he was obliged, at the end of 8 weeks, stop everything, after suffering huge losses of aircraft. These are experiments on teleportation, materialization and time travel by the U.S. Navy who were successful, more than could be imagined in their wildest dreams. The exact number was never made public. What happened then? Admiral Byrd later explained to the press:

It's hard to understand, but in the case of another war we will have to attack aircraft that can fly from one pole to another. He left so that transpire on the other side had an advanced civilization that was served, according to the SS, a superior technology.

In his book Zeitmaschinen (Time Machine) which asks, among other things, what happened to the Haunebu, Norbert Junge-Ratthofer wrote:

Since May 1945, tops the spatial Haunebu I, II and III and even a flying saucer space Vril disappeared without a trace first [...] In this context, it is extremely interesting that the Haunebu III of the German Reich after his 19. No flight tests, was flown to Mars, a space expedition on April 20, 1945, departing from Neuschwabenland, which was then officially a vast territory of the German Reich in East Antarctica. What resulted, we do not know. A year later, in 1946, numerous bright objects of unknown origin, but undoubtedly manufactured artificially, were seen above Scandinavia and caused a great alarm on allies in the East and West.

Again, a year later, in 1947, and even in the '50s, luminous flying objects appeared above the North America in increasing numbers. They were piloted for sure, intelligent beings, were often round, disc-shaped or bell, were also sometimes''unidentified flying objects''cigar-shaped, which are called UFOs.

There are writers who say the''UFO''did not resemble, in general, those manufactured by the German Reich. On this point my opinion diverges.

Photographic material well-documented evidence that especially the version Haunebu II was seen, and even frequently, since 1945. Could verify that, among cases where there was personal contact with the occupants of UFOs, there is a particularly high percentage of many beautiful beings of the species''Aryan'', blond with blue eyes, and they spoke fluent German or another language or with a German accent (for insiders, mentioned the case of Adamski, in 1952, the Cedric Allingham case in 1954, and one of Howard Menger in 1956).

They also say that there are color photos of a flying saucer that landed men to leave shortly thereafter, and on which was marked with two crosses, one Balkenkreuz and a swastika. These photos were taken in 70 years by a night watchman in the GDR.

There's the flying machines above a good dossier of photos and films, for example, the 60 minute documentation, Ufo Geheimnis des 3. Third Reich (Secrets of the UFO 3. Third Reich) (Mga Austria / Royal Atlantis. Film GmbH). We mention also the dossier of the American Terziski Vladimir, who, at the conference on UFOs in September 1991 in Phoenix, Arizona, slides for three hours and showed photos of German saucers, construction plans and subterranean German bases .

The book of the air marshall Italian Renato Vesco is also very interesting as well as that of Rudolf Lusar: Die Deutschen Waffen und des zweiten Geheimwaffen Weltkrieges und ihre Weiterentwicklung, J. 2 F. Lehmanns Verlag, München, 1971.

Now understand why all that refers to UFOs passes by misrepresentation in the media, and particularly so in Germany? According to the German plan, the world's press and media, which is controlled by the Illuminati through the Anglo-American-Zionist lobby, is about to invest huge sums to prevent the German citizen investigating in this area.

The question that arises now is: Where did the German secret societies Thule and Vril get the knowledge necessary for the construction of these flying machines? And where they had the gift of knowledge concerning the genetic engineering, in which the Germans were also very advanced compared to other nations?

According to the statements of Herbert G. Dorsey and other researchers, they were aided not only by telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials in providing construction plans, but also by studying the propulsion of a non-terrestrial saucer that had fallen intact in the Black Forest in 1936. But there is practically no evidence of that event, nor eyewitnesses still alive. However, evidence exists in the USA, even in large numbers. At the same time the Americans recorded a series of objects which crashed to the ground, which can not be kept completely secret. More about this later.

Now back to politics. During the time that I. G. Farben supported Hitler, their cartel partner Standard Oil (Rockefeller) organized the people against the Nazis. Likewise, Ford Motor Company made armaments for the U.S. Army, but produced, while in Germany, military vehicles for the Nazis. Ford and Opel (subsidiary of GeneIral Motors that is controlled by JP Morgan) were the two largest car manufacturers in Germany of Hitler.

No matter what the winner, the multinationals were from the start winning. It's the same principle that many enterprises worked during the Second World War.

Why is there nothing about this in schoolbooks or encyclopaedias? And particularly in Germany, where there apparently freedom of the press and where to teach the truth?

One reason is the following: the Rockefeller foundation distributed in 1946, us $ 139,000 for him to report to the public an official version of the Second World War, which concealed all the help of American bankers to build up the Nazi regime and was also silent the mystical and occult ideology of this regime. One of the major donors was the Standard Oil Corporation. of Rockefeller.

UFOTV Presents...: The Aldebaran Mystery - Nazi UFO Secrets


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    Ich glaube alles die hier der Wahrheit ist. Die Ingenihrs des Deutschland die beste in der Weldt dann wahrlich war.

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    1. That's Gudrun. Unfortunately, she did not survive the journey to Aldebaran -- hers was one of five ships destroyed in an attack by the Domain.

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  11. The Vril Society lives on. Fraulein Maria, and many others, made it to Aldebaran. They were contacted last year by psychic Joel Tucker, and have authorized the formation of a new Society in North Am to be called the Vrilya Community. There's a lot more detail available for those who may be interested. See: "Conversations with Fraulein Maria" on Kindle Ebooks.

    1. I have been following - reading - investigating - digesting as much I can about Esoteric -psychic - metaphysical trance auto writing ( getting my own information via some type of angelic script I cannot decipher - but continue to collect it ) and therefore have come to the conclusion that Maria and her other Occult Adept Mediums were in fact pulling in knowledge from the ancient aEther World = Akashic Records - and higher conscious states from else where in the Cosmos. "In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of thoughts, events, and emotions believed by Theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane." Wiki:
      Ma- Kah -Rah [makarah] is a type of Astral Mind Ascension - or out of body experience. This type of divining is said to go all the way back to the Ancient Indian / Egyptian
      ( Aryan ) mystics. A metaphysical Seance is a type of connection to the aether world of the GODS where the conscious state of the non living are supposed to also dwell - and if the right medium can make the right connections - then confer with it. This may all sound like a bunch of HooDoo VooDoo Hokum Pokum - but these traditions go back to the beginning of the ages and still in one form or another still exist today! To simply dismiss it all as parlor tricks and con games - you have to remember that whatever Maria was channeling proved itself to be viable science and crafts were built using it. That and they did in fact fly.
      It took teams- years - to decipher the ancient long lost languages, glyphs, signs and sort through the information and compile it all into some sort of Technical Engineering Program that the many assembled Scientists and Fabricators could work with. Maria spoke several languages fluently - and was said to have conquered the Anakh Sumerian Script and Cuneform she was receiving from her Beings of Light - Alien Aldebaran Connection. Maria was not an engineer, nor was she an expert in ancient linguistics - she was merely the mental conduit through which the information was fed. Yet somehow, she managed to learn it on her own from a trance session! And that in of itself is an astounding realization to grasp. That almost be like getting repeated long distance phone calls, in a language you didn't speak - and you did you best to write it all down and then give those penned messages to a scholar to find the meanings and what that message is actually about... only to later help out with the meanings...Extraordinary! =more =

    2. Ma -Kah - Rah transcendental medium readings are an odd blending of both physic reading via self induced trance state - and unconscious auto writing ( some what like that of Planchette of a Ouija board ) or having others listen to what is coming from you and then recording it. ( like Cayce did )
      Maria was taught these almost Gypsy Like methods by her family matriarchs. All of whom were of some type Baltic-Slav Ancestry where Pagan rites and rituals were common place in the 18th and 19th centuries. In ancient Germany - especially in the Harz Mountain area - Witchcraft and paganism probably go back to the stone age there... The mere fact that Maria held that only by mind divination or a type of remote viewing, through her horse tail long hair was the conduit or receiver by which she could only connect - is reminiscent of the Oracles of ancient Greece.
      This was the methodology employed by the other long haired mediums of the Vril Metaphysical Society. A disc, or saucer with radiating outward signs and codes -was placed on top of the mediums pony tail - with a mystical ( deep violet -black ) stone planchette was placed upon it - Other, closed eyed, mediums lightly touched the planchette - then felt it move around this disc - and as it gave the message, a watcher wrote down the message. ( for some reason - this method as employed by vegetarian - virginal Vril women only - seems to be dead paranormal science today as there is no one or any real information of how it is accomplished available to study ) The other method by which Maria herself used was to go into a semi-conscious state - with her hand holding a writing tool - and then her hand would automatically begin writing down what her mind's eye was picking up... During these almost Seance like sessions - she was not aware of what she was transcribing - as others watched in utter astonishment. Apparently Maria had this ability beginning as child for it was recognized early on she was gifted in many ways. But keep in mind here - that was taught to her, by some one, and she had to practice it and become an adept on controlling it. Amazing! =more =

    3. This then begs the question - where are the modern day equivalents to those VRIL women that were all born in the later half of the 1800's ? Most of the Psychics and other forms of Transcendental abilities are not much more than Circus or a type of Las Vegas Show Act. There are some who seem to have a limited amount of success - but none as of yet have busted Las Vegas gaming tables or the Stock-market!
      Nearly all of them have been debunked as being anything legitimate. All legerdemain, prestidigitation, gimmick inventions to fool the eye and ear - smoke and mirrors deception. So let's consider - that while we have the doubters and career debunkers investigating everything Paranormal - that also would have held true in days of Maria and her association of the other metaphysically adept mediums of the All Austrian-German Metaphysical Society and its many well off patrons and intellectual members. One cannot simply lay claims to being in contact with "some other highly advanced civilization out there" and we have these writings from them! OK- but prove it!
      Since Maria and her connections with scientist and engineers who were convinced they were onto something "BIG". they needed a steady flow of private financing to get things "off of the ground " as it were! Prior to the out break of War - that funding would have been a little easier to find from those whom wanted to be a part of something all together new for that century. An Anti-Gravity device would have most assuredly been that! But let's hold up here a moment - Maria's information was pointing to a device that harnessed the Dark Matter of the ether - the same power sources said to have been used by the Ancient Antediluvian Gods on Earth - the very same forces powering the Indian Vimana.
      So here we find this was NOT new technology -but a matter of LOST technology and technical know how. ( all of which the NAZI's had teams of esoteric archaeologists scouring the Far and Middle East for all that pertained the Vimana's from 10,000 years ago.) =more =

    4. Now then - The VRIL craft were not fly by wire controlled crafts- these things also connected - or plugged right into the operators mind and it was the brain that controlled it.
      This is the very technology they are now developing for the most advanced jet 70 years since the cessation of WW2 hostilities. So here we have a clear cut case of allies stealing both scientists and highly prized information from the Thule Society and the hell bent to damnation Nazi's! Odd - because it is reported that the crashed UFO at Roswell, NM was controlled by a head band device and finger tip activated fiber optics!
      The special electrically charged spinning mercury chambers of the Haunebu Craft were not what Maria's mind connection "with them" had envisioned at all. The Glocke -"Bell"- was the center of power for the Vril craft... and whatever it was that made it work - had to be self generating. ( like an atomic reactor ) Yet the Glocke was something else entirely. It created vast amounts of power and also a magnetic-dimensional vortex. The more it powered itself up, the more the colors of the surrounding vortex around the DISC CRAFT changed in color - from violets, to oranges-yellows to white! The higher the power, the more the craft more or less just vanished...
      Glocke tests under ground proved it to be a deadly device to human beings and it would age the four inch thick rubber wall bladder on top of lead plates meant to insulate it from engineers - to a thick gooey substance that had to be removed and repalced. Dealing with this Glocke Power blasted insulation proved to deadly toxic and only expendable slave labor was sent in to remove it and bury it... with those laborers dying quick agonizing deaths soon afterwards...
      So it here I have some serious questions as to whether or not the Vril Society Engineers could have dealt with such set backs as that! Perhaps the Vril Glocke and the NAZI Glocke were two completely different devices. However - having a self contained "source" to power the systems of lift had to be something "out of this world". It is estimated that the Haunebu 7 would have weighed in excess of 100 tons! There is nothing on the Vril Craft total weights. = more =

    5. The Haunebu not only defeated gravity - they also created a spatial vortex around them.
      Pilots reported seeing them glowing and as if riding on a vacuum of highly agitated atmosphere.
      The Vril Craft were harnessing Dark VRIL energy - using the human mind as its primary center of control - and early on test of this methodology - with Maria wearing a head band as she sat in control tower - connected via some unclear method to transmit her thought waves to a transmitter in the Vril craft - found controlling it with just her mind was no easy matter - the first few Crafts crashed spectacularly - exploding and fragmenting into shards.. Somewhere between those first attempts and the later Haunebu programs - the controlling went to flight controls operated by the operator-crews. .
      There are claims that the last of the Vril craft - achieved speeds nearly that of light - and that the metallurgy of those times wasn't up to those types of physical stresses and the crafts aged as though they were a 1000 years old after a half an hour flight, when in fact they brand new when launched! Here again, I think it goes back to the effects of the inner Glocke ripping apart time and space. Those types of engineering problems wouldn't begin to be solved until the CIA SKUNK WORKS spy plane programs and the speeds they obtained at the edges of the atmosphere. Now - nearly every day - some where - huge floating Black Triangles, Boomerangs, and UFO like crafts are witnessed and reported.
      The Vril crafts in the late 1930's and early 40's had a myriad of problems they were still trying to resolve by the time Himmler and his SS spies got wind of what the Vril society was up to - and he wanted to confiscate everything for the war effort. Maria hated the Nazi party and was a pacifist. She wanted nothing to do the war machine of the Nazi party. And she made that claim directly to Himmler in the beginning. For the time being her left her and the rest of the VRIL women alone --- but his spies kept a close on them. During the WAR - if you didn't support the Nazi party with your money or become a member - you were not highly thought of. Himmler called Maria and the other Vril women a bunch of insane witches! Considering his Penchants for the esoteric and profane dark arts - that was like the kettle calling the pot black! = more =

    6. Maria was born in the late 1889! By the time Germany was loosing the war and she sent out her famous cryptic message " None are staying here - we're leaving!" she was already in her mid 50's!
      Did she in fact depart - avoiding Himmler's henchmen who had arrest warrants for Maria and the other Vril women? Did she go to South America? Did she go to Antarctica? Did she go Canada? How about to the USA under a different name as part of the package deal of Project paper clip? Certainly her abilities would have had significant worth to the OSS - CIA -FBI if they were aware of her - of which I am certain they did! Von Braun knew her and was privy to her involvement with the VRIL craft projects and its later Himmler directed Nazi Brethren - the Haunebu! Nikola Tesla was well aware of Maria and knew her personally. This is why I don't believe she was just written off a minor foot note in the burgeoning US Air Force and Space Program. Did the Russians some how manage to get a hold of her? Would she have survived Stalin's deep suspicious nature and firing squads? Doubtful...
      My gut instincts tell me that Maria's VRIL craft were no where near being fully perfected and readied for inter-galactic - ultra- inter-dimensional time travel to a star system 65 light years away... even if the Light Beings were waiting for her at the 33.33 degree of the Star Gate! Where is that exactly? One or two light years away? More?
      At 56+ years old - Maria was not so young. We have no information on her health conditions - seeing that today's astronauts are in top form - young - and highly trained to take on the rigors of space living. Maria was simply going to power up her flight machine and "just hop from this world to the next and step off into another world that would take some extraordinarily extreme measures to assimilate the human being to survive" We're talking rewiring the brain, the senses, the physiology, almost to the point of sounding like death and then resurrection as an ethereal light being!!!!!
      If it is so easy as that - and they are so advanced - why don't they come here to teach all once again what was lost to humanity? Why as this account goes is it a one way street in that ' Here is the blue print, you build that, you come here, and we'll greet with you open hearts and minds!" "But we aren't coming to you!" Seems sort of weird way for an advanced race of beings to behave if you ask me...
      I think Maria fled to another nation - assumed or was given another identity - she continued her transcendental medium work for various agencies - while desperately trying to maintain and hold true to her life long beliefs and values in a world gone mad with greed, corruption, and continuous warfare and bloodshed. Myself I I think she ended up in South America - Vril craft were seen flying there for decades. Did she actually go Aldebaran? As an old lady? Well - she may have tired it at some point - but - since no letter home Psychically was ever sent back - " Hi - made it! Trip was a nightmare - Accommodations here - DEAD on ARRIVAL - re-birthed as something else not human - can't come back again! Maria and Girls.'
      And that as they say - is just the beginning of unanswered questions involving Maria Orsic, the VRIL Society and their flying anti gravity crafts.
      Since there is an obvious cover up relating to anything associated with the VRIL Society - and the NAZI Haunebu - with some claiming we are on the Moon, Mars, other Moons and other planets in the galaxy - as colonies of altered bio engineered humans - I think there is a smidgen of truths leaking out - and it all probably directly relates to the initial workings of the VRIL Society.

      Peace. May the FORCE of the VRIL be with you!

  12. "Truth is always good---its said and done and no more said can be done"

  13. Who is the blonde who flies triangular craft? She speaks with her eyes, and with her mind. I saw her in 1988, in Pennsylvania. Her features are very Germanic. I believe she may be from Hi Brasil, from another time, or from another reality. I wish to see her again.

  14. Viktor Schauberger designed these flying craft. No need for secret society, his blue prints and designs are readily available.