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Triangles of Death beyond Bermuda Part 1

Recent research, especially a series very abundant on our planet demonstrate that there are at least twelve points that have the same magnetic disturbances known as the "Bermuda Triangle". They are situated on both sides and parallel to the equator.
These points are an enigma, certainly due to natural causes the cosmos, but no less disturbing and fatal

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Afghanistan, the Gulf and the
Bright Wheels 

Even though the Bermuda Triangle enjoys more celebrity, exist on our plane ta several "corners" or "centers" of magnetic anomalies, which are twelve in number distributed evenly spaced intervals about the parallels 36 ° north and south. As you may recall, was Ivan Sanderson who has dealt with studying these dangerous areas in his book "Invisible Residents", and who first formulated this hypothesis. Although the sample in these areas is not as spectacular as the Bermuda Triangle, we know deserves some surprising events.
These other "zones damned," the electronics of the ships and planes have suffered or cancellations in ference disappeared men and ships and space-time normal suffered strange distortion. Like what happened with the Bermuda Triangle we know nothing about what or who can produce so mysterious disorder.
Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf
Of the 12 areas that are deadly distributed at regular intervals throughout the planet, only two, Afghanistan and Antarctica, are in the continental land mass, and all other navies.
The point terrestrial magnetic disturbances is located in Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf, the southeast, a "mortal rhomboid", centering on 36 ° north and east about 75 °.
The history of disappearances in Afghanistan air is relatively recent, having occurred nearly all of them during the second world war. During the war years (1939-1945) allies, along with Americans, established a route of supply control and flying over Afghanistan. During this period mysteriously disappeared several U.S. aircraft, some of which, according to information revealed later, it seems that carrying loads of gold bullion. Never managed to locate the remains of the aircraft or its crew and was officially reported missing.
More of disappearances, which is being produced in these waters are strange visions of "phosphorescent wheels" underwater. On May 15, 1879, Commander J. E. Pringle, who was traveling in command of the British warship "Vulture" by the Persian Gulf, noted the presence of light waves under the water that moved at breakneck speed, passing under the ship.

General configuration of a typical phosphorescent wheel

Three sets of expanding rings – two circular, one elliptical

Spinning groups of phosphorescent patches

According noted, to the east, the strange phenomenon offered the form of a large spinning wheel with the center in that same direction. The spokes of the giant wheel were bright. And looking to the west could see another similar wheel that rotated in the opposite direction. Before and after this strange sight it seems that the boat sailed through areas covered with some oily substance floating.
Thereafter numerous testimonies from sailors and travelers who passed through these waters were known by various publications.
The "wheels of light" by Charles Fort
The famous American author Charles Fort, in his "Book of the damned," collects large amount of testimony on "wheels of light" in this and other areas.
Despite the similarities between all the events reported by eyewitnesses, it is unclear how it is possible that giant wheels of light are found under the surface of the Gulf and what could be doing in these waters.
To explain these facts, some prestigious authors and researchers have pointed out different hypotheses.
The famous American astronomer Carl Sagan, along with the French authors L. Pauwells and J. Bergier ("The Return of the Witches"), agreed in saying that possibly "in the Sumerian civilization was born, thanks to the arrival of mysterious fish-men, arrived from space and settled deep in the Persian Gulf. These extra visitors land would be called Akpalus and know their existence thanks to Be-scrutiny, a Babylonian priest of the fourth century before Christ.
However, in the Persian Gulf waters that form the southwestern boundary of this zone more or less ramboidal, for almost two hundred years is going to witness strange visions and anomalies in boats that traveled the waters near the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.
Berosus had access to scrolls and cuneiform tablets, millions of years old, he could read and translated texts in classical Greek.
Carl Sagan based their claims on ancient fragments of Cory, which were compiled from various texts Berosus. By reading these texts we know of the existence of a man-fish called Oanes, who had a body pisciform but walked built and lived as an amphibian. According to describe this exquisite creature, under the head of fish had a second head, and if we had the horn the first "teacher", teaching men to build their houses and starting them in writing, science and art.

Animal-Men, Amphibian Intelligent Beings 

Appeared other beings like Oanes. One was the Anedoto Musaro Oanes, also founded the Persian Gulf, and even fourth anecdote, with the same shape and some traces pisciform humanoids.
The akpalus are represented as "animals, intelligent men," that covered her body with a cap and mantle. (There is an Assyrian cylinder in which is represented Oanes and other figures dressed in this "way". Including one seems to carry back certain "devices").
And logical to think that, given its characteristics, the akpalus came from a planet where water was to be the dominant element of life.
A planet of Sirius?
According to the American researcher Robert K. G. Temple, in his book "The Mystery of the Bell", this planet could be some water that turned around the star Bell.
Bell is a star of first magnitude (1.3 in absolute magnitude) which is 8.7 light years from our planet. There are some sixty years it was known that a star is accompanied by "white dwarf", which was called Bell B, consisting of a super-dense matter and heavy.
However, the most amazing book that reveals the Temple is the existence of a black tribe, the Dogo, who inhabit a territory in the Republic of Mali, they know, over generations, the existence of the star "dwarf" companion Bell .
Identify this "white dwarf" with small and heavy seeds of Digitalis, reaching its plot perfectly elliptical orbit in one of whose points lie almost exactly the Sino A. And also claim that there is a Bell C, which means our technology has failed to discover.

The traditional worship of Syrian
This knowledge is reserved for priests of the tribe and started the worship of them was Bell and reported by Garamantians (ancient people of Libya), of which nothing is known, which in turn received it from the Egyptians, and those of the Sumerians.
The dogo know, since the old days, that Sino Digital or B is too "heavy" and it takes fifty years, the exact figure, on his tour around Sino A.
How did this knowledge to the tribe of dogo? Why the amazing secret was hidden in the heart of Africa? Some researchers assume that so-called Nommo by dogo akpalus were the same planet they were from a Bell C and reported that men who had civilized the incredible discovery.

Amphibians intelligent beings
In his work, Robert K. G. Temple writes: "It is worth noting that in the case of some planets of the Bell system were water, we must seriously consider the possibility that there exist intelligent beings but amphibians.
This would be linked to the legend of Oanes ... and he would be the amphibious Sumerian tradition mentioned by the astronomer Carl Sagan and he was the one who contributed to the civilization of man. In other words, the beings of this kind would be a bit like mermaids and tritons ... and in some ways could be smart like our friends the dolphins. "He continued:" This was the time when it appeared the sea Musar Oanes Anecdote Eritrea, which for the ancients was the body of water that now subdivided into the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Indian Ocean. "
We also assume that the planet's marine depths inhabited by these beings are amphibians? Or maybe that the successors of the first akpalus continue to visit us? It is difficult to answer questions and to imagine that something is happening.
However, the possibility that the planet's waters are visited visions explain the mysterious lights in the shape of wheels, which move under water and that sometimes emerge to vanish into unknown worlds.

Ghost planes in the Arctic regions

 The Arctic was a place where strange apparitions that have occurred only recently been made known by a number of Swedish researchers.
It is a "ghost planes" that in the years 1932 and 1933, flew over the Scandinavian Peninsula.
Scandinavia is the cultural and historic region of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who recognize one another as parts of Scandinavia.
The collective label "Scandinavia" reflects the cultural similarity, and the strong historical ties between these countries despite their political independence. The terms Fennoscandia and Fenno-Scandinavia are sometimes used for a larger region.
According to numerous testimonies, the strange apparatus had the conventional form of large airplanes ashes, which were still capable of performing maneuvers impossible for planes of that time.
Moreover, none of them had distinctive insignia or witnesses and asserted that these strange artifacts emitted rays of light that illuminated the terrain on which they were traveling "as if it were day."
In the early thirties began to accumulate numerous reports of airplanes and dirigibles mysterious unidentified who explored the north of Europe in a systematic way. The Scandinavian governments have begun to take seriously this news and promoted a broad investigation.
No identification possible

Also the military command "intervened in the matter." Thus, April 30, 1934 General Reutersward, head of the region north of Norland, expressed to the international press: "When comparing all reports there is no doubt that it performs an illegal air traffic over our secret military zones.
We have too many comments coming from witnesses worthy of every confidence that describe these enigmatic airplanes, seen from a distance.
And in every case could be made the same observation: these devices showed no insignias or markings that identified them ...
It becomes impossible to explain all these events as fanciful. So the question is: Who steers these devices and who engage invading our airspace? "

The Spitzbergen Flying Saucer

 But the event that made it run more ink and more contradictory opinions provoked was the case with "hard to Spitzberg.
The vast archipelago of Spitzbergen, the place of the incident lies in the Arctic regions in northern Europe and between 76 ° 26 'and 80 ° 50' north latitude and 10 ° 20 'and 32 ° 40' east longitude of Meridian Grenwich. It was discovered by the Normans in 1194, and in 1925 Norway took possession of these territories to their state. Are islands of arctic climate, which are still hunted seals and polar bears, which have rich mines of carbon, iron and plaster.
The island of Spitsbergen is known since time immemorial by peoples of European and Asian arctic regions, appearing references to the Arctic island territories in the Icelandic sagas of the tenth and eleventh centuries, rooted in the traditions of the peoples Vikings (though the identification of those islands with Greenland , Jan Mayen and Svalbard is debatable). The traditions of the peoples of Lapland and the Siberian coast also included references to the Arctic island.
However, the first references appear safe in Russian chronicles of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries they attach to the exploitation of the islands Pomors, which were considered part of Greenland and, therefore, called Grumant (Грумант).
Despite this ancestral knowledge, the existence of the islands was ignored by European intellectuals, who only learned of them by the chronicles of Willem Barentsz expedition that led in 1596 in search of the mythical Northeast Passage to the Far East and India.

Barents Sea is due to the assignment to the island of Spitsbergen name (which means sharp peaks, a reference to the mountains of the island), which ended up stretching for a long time the entire archipelago of Svalbard.
During the period when the islands were known as Spitsbergen, the island that now bears his name was called West Spitsbergen, or Vestspitsbergen.
By decision of the Norwegian State, the archipelago became known as Svalbard, Spitsbergen getting the designation reserved for the island of the same name.
This decision is based on existence since at least 1194, the Viking sagas mention a land of Svalbard (which means cold coast), although it is certain that in reference to the archipelago that now bears his name.
This place was the scene of the incident of the "disk Spitzberg" in 1952.
According to the news that the press reported, some military pilots in Norway, said he saw what looked like a crashed plane in an island of Spitzbergen.
It was a "flying saucer"
The Norwegian Government, after having sent an air patrol rescue, announced that it had been found was not a conventional aircraft, but a "flying saucer" severely damaged, but completely recognizable.
The Norwegian army has created an investigative committee chaired by General Gernod Darnbyl, who studied the case.
But that moment coincided with the policy of secrecy and censorship on the subject of UFOs, as proposed by certain "authorities and experts North Americans and extended to other countries.

The result of all this was a total blackout on the investigation of the "disk Spitzberg"
A few years later, in Greenland, a huge triangular island is covered with a crust of ice over a mile of ice, there was also another strange event.
In 1960, the U.S. atomic base of Thule, super-secret base built under the ice, something inexplicable happened.
On October 5 the base was absolutely unreachable because of a mysterious cut on submarine coaxial cable which produced a total suspension of telecommunications.

 Antarctica, another continent full of mystery and UFOs

The Untold UFO War in Antarctica
The Antarctic is a landmass, whose center is at the South Pole, both geographical and magnetic. As I noted earlier, the Antarctic, along with the zone of Afghanistan, is the second in the continental land mass, where magnetic anomalies are produced.
The mystery of Antarctica is closely related to the enigmatic maps of Piri Reis.
These maps, which were delivered to the Turkish admiral Piri Reis, hesmifério represent part of the planet, especially the American shores, African and European bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. But most astonishing is that these maps reproduced with absolute accuracy, the coasts of Antarctica before being covered by ice and not as a continental mass, but as a set of islands.
The maps of Piri Reis
Thus, Father Daniel Lynch, director of Weston Observatory of Boston College, Head of Seismology of expeditions to Antarctica, said that, in fact, all topographic features that are mapped Pi-ri Kings led some to coincide with the results obtained with ultrasonic probes conducted through the crust of ice over a mile thick, the U.S. Navy.
With regard to reproduction of maps of Piri Reis have to point the theory of some authors, such as Erich Von Daniken, explaining that the distortion introduced the American continent, assuming that it is based on a projection taken from a spacecraft that remain motionless in space hundreds of miles high on the vertical of the Pyramid of Cheops.
Not sure whether or not to support this theory or other and point out that this assumption was used to that, some years, some ufologists claim that there are UFO bases at the South Pole

Underwater UFO bases in Antarctica
For some researchers, most "foreign ships" which were seen over South America, especially Argentina (Patagonia, a hot spot which will give some further data), Chile and Brazil, may proceed submarine bases in water Antarctic.
Despite the obscurity surrounding the Antarctic continent, some data were filtered, surprisingly there is a place where the climate is quite benign, with a vegetation corresponding to a temperate zone and where they could live normally.
This point is surrounded by a "curtain" of magnetic storms that prevent the entry of aircraft.
Unexplained observations at the South Pole
Can be found on the planet a more impassable from the outside and safest possible for visitors?
In July 1965, observations were recorded in the databases that foreign countries like England, Argentina and Chile have established in Antarctica.
The Chilean Army has acknowledged an official announcement, coming from one of its Antarctic bases, the Arturo Prat on the vision of an unidentified flying object, produced on June 19 that year.
The bright object was seen flying in a zigzag fashion and suspended for a while at the same place, was observed by British scientists, Argentines and Chileans.
The vision of this object on Deception Island was also ratified by the staff of the naval base in Orkney, belonging to the Chilean army. As all the testimonies that could be collected, the object was seen for a few seconds, which prevented taking pictures, but it was possible to record certain disturbances in the apparatus of the Meteorological Observatory of Orcadas.

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