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The silent victims of the Caos, Hundreds of dogs and cats wandering lost in northeastern Japan

Starving, wounded, separated from their owners, hundreds of domestic animals roam the desolate landscape of northeastern Japan, the hardest hit by the earthquake followed by tsunami, on 11 March between the various rescue and relief teams who arrived from various parts of the world, some are dedicated solely to saving dogs and cats. "In the areas most affected, we have found no sign of animal life, " he said, AFP, Ashley frun, association PETA. "In some places, we saw footprints in the mud, but these have not led us anywhere, we did not find any animal. "
However, little by little, begin to emerge from the household affected by the disaster dogs and cats that escaped the giant waves. Many people abandoned their pets as soon as the alarm sounded for tsunami, which forced them to survive in an extremely hostile environment, without food or water.

The organization Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (jears), a coalition of animal protection associations soon after the disaster, has spent the last two weeks on the ground, looking for those unprotected animals. Their teams, which integrate volunteer veterinarians, delivering food and medical care for injured animals and tries to find a shelter for those who have lost their owners. They also visit the refugee centers, where the animals are not always welcome.
"There were problems in certain refuges among people who have animals and those without, "said veterinarian Kazumasu Sasaki. "It's understandable. There are people who are allergic to dogs and others who complain that they are always barking. "Isabella Gallaon-Aoki, jears coordinator, added that these events have caused many people preferred to stay in their ruined houses with their animals.

Animal Rescue Groups in Japan Need Donations

Tragedy can breed solidarity, as evidenced by the animal rescue now under way in Japan after the tsunami.

Three animal rescue organizations, HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network, have joined together to form the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the animal victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Their work includes searching for surviving animals, helping people who are not able to take their animals to evacuation shelters and collecting donations of funds and supplies.

Assisting JEARS is veterinary group, World Vets International Aid for Animals, which functions similarly to Doctors without Borders, sending veterinarians to give aid to the overwhelmed vets caring for wounded pets. According to their website, World Vets will provide long-term support to veterinarians and animals in Japan, whether it be months or years.

Currently mobilized in Japan, World Vets is asking for donations of de-worming medication, vaccinations, IV fluids, first-aid supplies and crates, which are in very high demand. If you’d like to donate these supplies, you can send them to World Vets Headquarters, 802 1st Ave N, Fargo ND 58102.

Another group, Animal Refuge Kansai, is taking as many animals as they can into their refuge center in the western part of Japan.
Japan Animal Rescue Contact Info

If you would like to donate to the animal rescue efforts in Japan, please contact one of these organizations.
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. Those who wish may donate by paypal to For updates, visit them on Facebook.
World Vets, Donations will go toward mobilizing supplies, gear and a first responder team. Make a donation on the group’s website.
Animal Refuge Kansai is a rescue group located in the western region of Japan and is assisting with rescue efforts. Donate by paypal at

Ultimate Loyalty

Emerging coverage from Japan offers a moving example of ultimate dog loyalty, and clearly illustrates the challenges faced by animal victims of the earthquake and tsunami. The dogs were picked up after the video was filmed, and are in the care of a local shelter.

Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

Happy end 

The dog who was rescued on Thursday from the wreckage caused by the tsunami of March 11 in Japan today reunited the owner.

The meeting was possible because the owner recognized the animal in television footage broadcast last week during the rescue of the animal and it was then moved to the shelter where the dog was placed. Hardly saw the dog jumped into the lap of the lady.


See the video of the reunion and redemption of the animal:


If you are a caring owner of one or several pets you should always take into account that in case of catastrophe the animals are always the last to be rescued, and so YOU have all the responsibility on to safeguard their survival, you should have a reserve of ration for a week, drinking water enough to count all the animals you have at home, some medicines such as antibiotics and a first aid kit  IF YOU LIKE YOUR PETS ensures their survival !!

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