Tuesday, August 30, 2011

20 25´ 32.21" N 136 04´ 52.15" E Suposed Alien Base in the Pacific, another Hoax debonked

Regarding this supposed Alien Base in the Pacific, of course the first time i saw the place I was interested because after viewing the video and check the GPS location and the structures were in fact enormously suggestive in terms of research, So i decided to investigate further and come to the conclusion that the local structures have nothing to do with UFO's bases USO's or something like that, it's just an artificial atoll called Okinotorishima, bild by the Japanese. Those structures are the start of a lighthouse, a marine facility Investigation and a beacon light. Not too strange... so we have a new hoax on the map ;-)

A 1740 km south of Tokyo, emerge three islets that disappear at high tide, surrounded by a reef. Atoll is known as Okino-Tori-Shima, or as Okinotorishima, and in practice is a lagoon surrounded by coral with a few rocks that emerge within it.

The Government of Japan, adding to the law of the sea of ​​the United Nations (can only be established an exclusive economic zone around an area that can sustain human life itself), has worked to establish property rights of a human base funding permanently investing millions of dollars. The reason for the investment?: A farming area equivalent to 400,000 square kilometers, an area larger than the entire surface area of Japan.

Atoll Okinotosishima, jetties were built, concrete walls and a marine research base heliport, with an investment of $ 600 million also tries to resist the rise of sea level and the disappearance of islotes, the Japanese government, has a successful strategic and economic sense, has been careful in the past and present to lay a property right so rudimentary as this:

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  1. I too saw that Youtube video and it peaked my interest. I started doing research and found your post. You are amazing! Nice job!

  2. I think, The eighth last photo is Chinese at Spratly Islands in South China sea.I look like a Chinese flag in it.

  3. This is the Scalar weapon that was used to take out WTC.
    .8 Km apart. goes 80 Km into earth... its a long wave.

  4. how so william?