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Triangles of Death beyond Bermuda Part 2

Hazardous areas: Australia and New Zealand
The distance from the coast of Australia sudocidental in full Indian Ocean, is found a new zone "dangerous".
And almost over New Zealand, 62 ° to the east of the former, there is another. Since about a century ago have been collected testimonies of mysterious sights in the area.
The indefatigable Charles Fort, which is essential in their work on these issues, informs us of the older cases. All these cases relate to alleged "landing" in seas, rivers, lakes, etc ...

In his work know the testimonies offered by the crew of the brigantine "Ímnerwich" when traveling between Yokohama and Victoria (Australia), February 24, 1885. Previously, in 1881, two witnesses of privilege because they were the sons of Prince of Wales, found aboard the ship "La Bacchae" when sailing between Melbourne and Sydney, "a shining object completely."
The geography of New Zealand is very peculiar, consisting of two main islands and numerous small islands, some of them quite afar.
The South Island is the largest land mass and is divided along its length by the Southern Alps, whose highest peak is Mount Cook to 3754 m. In the South Island for eighteen peaks over three thousand meters of altitude.
The North Island is less mountainous than the South, but is marked by volcanism.
In the North Island's highest mountain, Mount Ruapehu (2797m) is an active cone volcano. The total area of ​​New Zealand, 270 500 km ² is slightly smaller than Japan or the British Isles, and slightly larger than Colorado in the U.S.. The country stretches over 1600 km along its main axis north-northeast.
The climate is mild with temperatures rarely below 0 ° C or above 30 º C. The average daily temperature in Wellington, the capital, located in central Iran, is 5.9 º C in winter and 20.3 º C in summer
Far from the nearest land, New Zealand is among the land masses of considerable size on the planet that you're more isolated. Its closest neighbors are Australia, northwest, and New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga to the north.

Cases reported by Guieu
As to the most modern is the French researcher who Jimmy Guieu offers us abundant material.
For example, on July 14, 1959, according to testimony from some hunters on the island of Prince of Wales has produced the landing of a strange red object.
At the same time another group of witnesses reported seeing a similar object called Refuge in Karumba. Again on June 16, 1962 was again observed a new landing of another mysterious machine in silver, on the same island, on the side of a hill.
Also in the area of ​​New Zealand could be found cases of UFOs. On November 27, 1952 was seen by a pilot, about the area of ​​Nedim in the neighborhood of Auckland, a large object which emitted a bluish glow gray and flying at a speed estimated at 450 km / h.

UFO or USO´s?

But the most surprising incident that was produced in the region of Australia was the mysterious explosion registered on February 6, 1955 in Greymouth, while being observed in the sky a strange "bright spot".
The blast was so powerful it was heard throughout the south of the country.
To conclude this chapter we have to mention the cases of unidentified objects underwater. "
Although less numerous than the UFO cases, their presence in waters from these two areas has often been noted. The governments of these countries, as usually done, are trying to explain these observations as that of conventional devices. However, the naval and air authorities study and consider "seriously" the witness recalled.

USO´s abundant in 1965
The year 1965 was particurlamente "rich" in this type of incident. It was Mr. Henk Hinfelsar, founding member of New Zeeland Flying Saucer Research Society, to study these phenomena, who collected the largest number of cases and data, publishing them in February next year.
On January 12, 1965, a captain belonging to an airline that was flying in a DC-3, found in an estuary of the Kaipara Harbour (north of Helensville), at a height of 500 feet, a metal structure, that the principle was taken by a whale.
Looking more closely could set this object with the following characteristics: It was an object perfectly hydrodynamic and perfectly symmetrical. Did not have any protruding parts or superstructures.
And I seemed to distinguish a metal hatch on top, situated on the middle body of the object about. This rested on the bottom of the estuary, pointing south. His form was not that of a normal submarine. The captain estimated its length at about 30 meters with a diameter of 4.50 meters at its widest part.
The object, which could be seen very clearly, rested in a place where there was more than 10 meters deep.
Underwater investigations do not always give the positive result in the case of Bimini, in order to find under the waters of alleged construction debris.
In many cases, the seabed holds the deadly waters is no different in any other.

Submarines could not be

The testimony of the captain came to the attention of Naval Intelligence of his parents, who reported that the observed object can not be a conventional submarine, because thanks to the configuration of the coast and harbor estuaries were totally inaccessible to any known craft.
On April 11, 1965, some men who inspected a sunken boat on the beach at Wonthaggi, the 132 km from Melbourne, saw two aircraft at a distance of half a mile from shore, they began to sail out to sea, disappearing from his view, until that only showed their "towers", which made them realize that there were two submarines.
"A preliminary investigation of the report suggested that in view of the place and the configuration of the coast, these objects could not be underwater."
In a period of very few days, on April 15, 1965, observed three times a strange "submarine" north of Brisbane, just off the coast of Mooloolaba to Coolum.
Why take place in the waters of these two "triangles" such strange comings and goings of ships underwater?

The deadly triangle of the Pacific and South Africa
Relationship may exist between the plans of the ships and the submarine airships?
That year 1965 was produced the biggest wave of visions, was precisely the "opposition" or minimum distance between Mars and Earth, which occurred on March 12.

"deadly" triangles in the Pacific and South Africa

The "danger zone" of the North Pacific is forming the apex of an imaginary triangle whose other vertices are the coasts of California, the East and the Aleutian Islands, the Northwest.
Very near the Aleutian Islands, which belong administratively to Alaska, there is a large pit of deep sea, and in addition this chain of small islands has many volcanoes, some of them yet in operation.
A fracture zone that is mostly volcanic activity and large marine pits, similar to the area of ​​Devil's Sea, Japan, then we know that.
A case of the mysterious waters of the Pacific in March 1945, 14 American sailors transport "Delarof," U.S. Navy out of the sea saw a dark colored ball that, after a stroll around the ship, if flying away.
As for the South Pacific area, to be away from regular shipping lanes, little is known about what is happening there.
Is there any relationship with Easter Island?
What is certain is that this zone to the north, 27 ° 30 'south latitude, is Easter Island.
It has been reported on Easter Island that are serious magnetic disturbances that produce anomalies in the electronics and boats that are highlighted in all the charts.

UFOs in South Africa
Transferring to other waters, South Africa, Republic of South Africa, has been produced numerous UFO observations and many instances of "landing".
Undoubtedly, one of the best known was the observation of two South African army officers. On May 23, 1952, military authorities have pointed out, for six consecutive times, a strange craft that had flown over the Cape Peninsula at a speed of 2,000 mph and an altitude that ranged between 1,500 and 4,000 feet. The object, which was detected by the officers already mentioned, the radar could not be seen in the sky.
According to an order founded in Pretoria, a spokesman for the South African National Defence Services stated:
"We have accurate descriptions of a phenomenon seen by experienced officers, trained to imagine teleguided devices moving at high speed."
With respect to cases of "landing" of spacecraft, the incident serves as an example produced on September 15, 1965, in the town of Silverton. Two police officers who patrolled the road between Pretoria to Bronkhorstspruit discovered a copper-colored disk, and approximately 10 meters in diameter, which was posed in the middle road.
A few seconds after the arrival of the police against the machine, it took off at high speed in the middle of large flares.
Similar cases are produced almost continuously in the 12 "Triangle of Death" that sustains the planet. Little is yet known of what is really happening in outer space, air and waterway, sea, of our planet.
However, each day are more numerous researchers and authors on the phenomenon, despite the official silence systematically practiced in almost all countries.

The Mediterranean and the Canary Islands
Perhaps of all triangles that we learn the most interesting is, without doubt, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, the effects of the disappearances of ships and crews that have been produced to date.
The Mediterranean Sea is a sea of ​​the eastern Atlantic, between southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa, with approximately 2.5 million square kilometers, is the largest inland sea waters of the Mediterranean Sea mundo.As bathe the three peninsulas Southern Europe (Iberian, Italic and Balkan) and an Asia that link with the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Black Sea (the straits of Bosporus and the Dardanelles), and the Red Sea (in Suez Canal)
This "deadly triangle" is comparable in all the large Bermuda Triangle.
Since the air patrols missing boats lost and abandoned were later located outside of your route marked.
Produced by the incidents and disappearances can be assumed that this zone exists several "black holes" in a section of the western Mediterranean, in the sky over Cordoba and Seville and near the Canary ..., beyond the massive Canigó zone and Roses -Gerona.

The sinking of the lobster "Maena"
The boating accident that raised most interest was the shipwreck in July 1964 in the waters of the Canaries, the lobster "Maena. This accident, with no logical explanation, claimed the lives of 16 fishermen islanders, which deeply touched the community and the local authorities. So reflected the local press, which published the news on August 8.
The history of this mystery, whose full investigation may never be known, began on July 27, 1964, when the station received an urgent message Arrecife of fishing "Saint Genevieve", stating that the water in the cab, a few miles Northern Cape Bojador had collected seven bodies, which were identified as crew of "Marna".
No rest more can be found in those waters. From that moment on, the stations broadcast messages from the archipelago to rescue can find some remains. The "Anifal" and other ships managed to find some more human remains, even on the African coast.

No possible explanation
Many versions tried to explain what happened. It is inadmissible to explain the cause of death by starvation of the sailors, without the addition can be explained the total disappearance of the boat. 'It is also disposable version of a possible explosion on board, because there are no signs of wounds or sores on their bodies found and the possible grounding of the boat, because the area was well known by sailors "Maena" which, as already stated, were fishermen and local experts. In the year 1972, the waters around the Canary Islands to be a new accident scenario.
The May 13 of that year met the press the news of the find, about a mile from Cape Bojador of a derelict.
The boat lost and abandoned were registered in France and was called "Progress". The authorities in charge of the Navy gave clear up the mystery insoluble by the investigation.

Submarines and aircraft missing

Very shortly after this incident in Canarian waters were produced similar ones in the Mediterranean area.
Thus, in 1975 was published the news of the disappearance of a boat, "Maribel Rivas," and its nine crew members.
The cargo ship sailed from the port of Castellon de la Plana on August 22, 1974, bound for the Libyan port of Benghazi, with a cargo of building materials. The crossing from Castellon to Libya used to be covered in nine or ten days.
No message was not received aid from the crew and all efforts made by the company that owns the vessel and the authorities resulted useless. Also been observed, "dangerousness" of another fateful route, which is linking the island of Mallorca and Menorca with Algeria, both by sea and by air.
Are already known cases of unexplained sinkings of ships that made this route and disappearances of airplanes.

one  of the lost subs 1n 1952 the "Sybil"

Many submarines lost ...
Loss of submarines, the western Mediterranean takes place in the first recorded cases, and the French waters the most "dangerous." And this tragic event has to be emphasized if we take into account the relatively small size of its sea and weather conditions more benign than those that prevail in the Atlantic and other major oceans.
Within the French waters, the area is where most of Tolón mysterious disappearances were produced. Forward to this zone extends at right angles to it, a series of canyons that reach more than 2,000 feet deep close to the coast.
In a period of twenty years have lost four French submarines in waters near the Gulf of Tolón: The "2326", disappeared in 1946: the "Sybil" in 1952, the "Minerve", on January 20, 1968, the while the Israeli submarine "Dakar", in the vicinity of Cyprus, and "Euridyce" on March 4, 1970.

And airplanes ...
The Triangle also in the Mediterranean has to do with his strange disappearances of aircraft. The first known case was produced in 1944, on July 31, when the eminent French writer Saint Exupéry took off his plane, a "Lightning", from Bastia in Corsica, to make a flight over the Mediterranean. Since that day may never know is nothing lucky about what happened to so famous pilot.
On September 5, 1948, Lancaster was lost a plane, with seven men who had taken off from Malta to perform some maneuvers in the Mediterranean.
Although accidents and disappearances of military and commercial aircraft in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands seem to be produced by "gaps" would be endless in this space to list all registered cases. For that reason they, jumping in time, we recorded the most recent cases.
On September 18, 1974 has disappeared again, a military aircraft that had taken off from Jerez de la Frontera. Its eight crew members disappeared and was never able to locate the remains of the device.
A month later, in the zone of the Canary Islands, two planes disappeared Saeta C-10. Both planes pasted from Seville to go to the island of Lanzarote.

The massive Canigó, another tragic area
We mentioned earlier that another of the hot spots was the massive Canigó. Canigó Hill has 2785 meters and belongs to the Pyrenees mountain range, situated in the eastern part and in France.
It may be considered this area as the largest cemetery of airplanes in Europe. In the period of 1945-1967 were produced 11 air disasters.
In March 1945, a plane English, Liberator, in December 1950, a DC-3 Air Maroc, in February 1953, a French Nord-Atlas, in March 1955, a C-47 U.S., in July 1957, a French Nord-2051: In 1958, a French Broussard; in 1961, a DC-3 English, in 1963, a French military Constellation and a Viking Air N English, and in 1967, a DC-4 English. The total estimated victims in these accidents was 250 people.

Fairy Tales and the Devil's Sea

This zone extends between the Japanese islands and the Mariana Islands. And a region of large sea trenches and volcanic activity, as it is in the "Pacific ring of fire".
Since ancient times, this area is characterized by mystery, as a result of frequent volcanic eruptions that triggered often distressing tsunamis in the Japanese archipelago.
When submerged volcanic craters erupt, the sea rises and is caused tsunami, a tidal wave that sometimes reaches 30 meters in height.
The greatest tragedy that knows these waters was the total disappearance of the oceanographic ship "Kaiyō Maru" on September 24, 1952.
Perished in the accident 31 people, including renowned Japanese scientists who did precisely a study tour of the area.
Neither the remains of the freighter "Valiente"
Some years later, on March 7, 1966, the freighter disappeared "Valiente," which had sailed from Singapore en route to Danang, South Vietnam, carrying material for aviation in the United States, which controlled the area.
On March 14 last received a communication with the boat. The situation was normal, but suddenly disappeared. Neither the U.S. Seventh Fleet, which patrols or other left in its wake to find any kind of rest. But not only disappeared boats, were also produced as UFO sightings and the famous "phosphorescent wheels" of which we talked about when referring to the Triangle in the Persian Gulf.
An ancient Japanese legend
To finish with the "unique history" of the Devil's Sea we will refer to an ancient legend that circulates among the Japanese fishermen for centuries, but whose subject is not exclusively Japanese, as it is repeated in varied collection of tales world: is the theme Travel to a world where "time seems stopped." Tell the Japanese that a young fisherman named Urachima married the daughter of the Sea God, who was disenchanted. In reward for good deed of returning an old turtle to the sea and thus freeing the princess fell to the seabed to live in a palace.
But one day Urachima, despite being surrounded by the most fabulous treasures, felt desire to return to his home to visit his family. The princess, who has not been seen too complacent with the idea, gave her husband a box with the request that do not open ever again if he wanted to return to his palace.
When Urachima rose to the surface and addressed his people, may find that everything had changed in that he had only been for three years.
Can not find your house or your family.
Then he thought underwater palace where he had lived with the daughter of the Sea God should be in fairyland, where perhaps one day could be as long as one year from the outside world.
Magonia or Fairyland
He decided to return with his wife but did not know which way to go and opened the box to see was the answer. When the unfortunate opened the box, forgetting that the board had given him, began to transform itself into a very old who fell on the beach dying.
Magonia or fairyland, which is presented here in a world as coexistent parallel to ours.
Triangles can be death, as regularly distributed across the planet, tangential points or "gateways" to access other parallel worlds?
The data and evidence of all the mysterious cases that we mentioned are accumulated on the desks of researchers. Scientists deal more officers to ignore the issue or mute the little they know. While others say that "something" or "someone" could hide in the deep sea, precisely in these
"dangerous" areas, that we know.

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