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The Ossama Hoax, Bin Laden is dead a long time ago !

In recent days we have been confronted with the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden, of course the media did an authentic feast media and in the end got me a huge impression that the story once again was very poorly told, since the 1st photo widespread the supposed corpse of Bin Laden, from the supposed confirmation by DNA only tells us that this alleged DNA was of somebody's family, to the supposed body lying on the high seas ... All this bodes very badly, it's very convenient or doubtful. In search of truth have decided to publish an article. When searching the Internet I found an article that is very similar to what we think about it with some minor details with which we disagree but overall it was exactly what we read on the Site Alles Schall und Rauch, so I decided to publish the article

And so goes humanity ...

A dead man is continually kept "alive" for there to be a scapegoat, justifying the endless "War on Terror."
Osama bin Laden died on December 16, 2001 in Afghanistan, probably of kidney and liver problems that haunted him for years. He had hepatitis C and had to be frequently hospitalized to undergo a hemodialysis.

last fotos of Ossama Bin Laden

His last picture, taken December 6, 2001, shows a very old man with a serious illness. According to experts of the CIA, bin Laden needed at the time of dialysis every three days and they said: "Of course it is very difficult when one must flee from one place to another and yet, as it would be possible for an operation in transportable equipment by their hideouts in the mountains? ". For comparison, a photo of the day, when he was still healthy.

There are many proofs and indications pointing to the fact that Bin Laden is dead long ago. Following the report about his funeral, published on December 26, 2001 in an Egyptian newspaper.

Here's the translation:
"Al-WAFS, Wednesday, December 26, 2001, Vol 15 No. 4633, news about the death of bin Laden and burial for 10 days. Islamabad-Pakistan. A top official of the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the Al-Qaeda. He said, bin Laden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died peacefully of natural causes. The official, who demanded anonymity, told the newspaper 'The Observer' of Pakistan, who himself was present at the funeral and he had looked at his face before burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He said 30 of his fellow Al Qaeda were at the funeral, as well as members of his family and some friends of the Taliban. At the closing ceremony for the final resting place was a volley of shots. The official also said it would be difficult to find the exact location of the grave, because according to the Wahhabi tradition no mark indicates the location. He stressed it was unlikely that the U.S. military one day find a single clue to bin Laden.

Article about Ossama´s dead

Bin Laden was very ill and needed constant treatment and hemodialysis, this is shown in several articles on various stays in hospital during his last year of life. For example, July 4, 2001, bin Laden was treated in U.S. hospital emergency measures to Dubai and with an apparatus for hemodialysis (Guardian). During this treatment he received at the hospital to visit the local chief of the CIA and they chatted amiably. After all, Bin Laden was a CIA agent in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan and operated under the codename "Tim Osman".

Just one day before the September 11, 2001, bin Laden went to the military hospital in Rawalpindi Pakistan, to undergo dialysis. Pakistani troops escort Bin Laden and replaced the staff of the clinic by people you trust (CBS). Is not it interesting that just on major terrorist attack against America, bin Laden was in the custody of the Pakistani military and just the week before and a week later, the head of the Pakistani secret service ISI General Mahmood Ahmed, was in Washington and spoke at the Pentagon with the National Security Council, then with the CIA director Tenet, the White House with people and with Marc Grossman, Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs (Karachi news).
This means that all parties knew where bin Laden was, and if the Americans really were of the view that bin Laden was the perpetrator of the attacks, then he would be handed over without a fight and they could have him arrested immediately in a hospital bed . But nothing like that happened. They let him return to Afghanistan after their treatment, where they then died several weeks later.
This behavior proves to any reasonable person that Bin Laden has nothing to do with September 11 and still prove that they created the world's media a scapegoat as the organizer of the attacks and super-terrorist. All this is a gigantic lie.
The September 17, 2001, the TV station Al Jazeera published a report of bin Laden, where he said he had nothing to do with September 11: "The U.S. government blames me continuously for each of the attacks. I would like to reassure the world, I did not plan these attacks, which seem to have been planned by others for personal reasons. I live in the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan and follow the rules of their rulers. The current rulers do not allow me to perform this operation. " (CNN)

Another proof that bin Laden has nothing to do with 9 / 11, is the news that Bin Laden chartered a plane, which took him out of the country all members of his family gathered around the states, just days after the attacks New York, September 19, 2001. Although there was now a complete ban on air traffic in the U.S., this flight was expressly authorized by the White House. No family member of bin Laden and other Saudi citizens were questioned or checked before takeoff.
The U.S. government says that 17 of the 19 terrorists from Saudi Arabia and just as citizens of this country wanted to leave the U.S. and still belonged to the Bin Laden family, they had written permission from Bush to go with this plane. (PDO)

The September 12, 2001, the ambassador of the Taliban in Afghanistan said about Bin Laden: "If the evidence is presented, then we will clears them. Then we will discuss an extradition. " (The Hindu) A few days later, the ambassador said: "Our position is this, if America has proof, we are ready to bring bin Laden to the courts under these tests." (CBS) These tests were never made available by the U.S. government.
The September 23, 2001, the then foreign minister, U.S., Colin Powell contradicted himself in tone and striking, the government would soon publish the documents of the security forces that would prove the guilt of Bin Laden. (Seattle) The evidence was never presented, six years after the attacks, and the world still waits for them.
The last issue to his lieutenants in Afghanistan was announced by the U.S. Secret Service to December 15, 2001. Since then no one heard his voice on a radio or telephone communication while the whole world is monitored by the NSA. If he still lived, so he had to communicate by some means and then would have been detected (Telegraph).
This is also the reason why the FBI did not put him on their wanted list. Asked why he is not wanted by the FBI because of 9 / 11, came the reply: "We have no evidence that bin Laden had anything to do with September 11." Here's my article about it.
But they not only have no proof of his own, as they also know that he died, then why should they seek it. Moreover, it is possible that the largest secret service in the world, the CIA, NSA, etc., with their unlimited resources and a budget of over 50 billion dollars annually, and above all the other allied intelligence services around the globe, as well as the entire apparatus of U.S. military with hundreds of thousands of soldiers searched every square mile of Afghanistan, and all of which is promised a reward of 25 million dollars, not in condition to find bin Laden in these legendary six years. This is not a total failure, otherwise the chairman would have to dismiss all the secret service and military command for incompetence, and not because Bin Laden is as smart and hides well, but they never find it, because Bin Laden is already dead for a long time - and they know it.

A little joke en passant, 25 million seems a lot to Bin Laden, but the transfer Baseball Player Alex Rodriguez has cost about 252 million in 2001.
All this is a great theater and a show to keep the public in the orbit of artificial evil. If it is declared officially dead, then collapses the whole house of cards and why the "War on Terror." They would no longer have an enemy against which to fight, making it possible to make war, to suppress the freedom of citizens, strengthening the state police, to ensure their huge budgets and provide a huge profit conglomerates arms. The war measures and security are major businesses that exist, ie, the "Terror" can never stop, never can be peace, should be maintained the belief in ghost as much as possible.
Nor is noteworthy that President Bush has said about bin Laden in an interview to the press, March 13, 2001, asked by reporters: "I do not know where he is. And to be honest, I have no interest in it ", ie the demand for it is irrelevant. (WH) is also clear who would be interested in someone who has died and the real objective was not preparing the invasion of Iraq, this criminal war of aggression with invented motives (SPIN) to the American people, although he admitted that neither Saddam Hussein has something with the Sept. 11, nor there is any connection of Saddam with bin Laden. (BBC)
Bin Laden and his alleged terror network al-Qaeda are always remembered in time of need by Bush, Blair and all European politicians, when they want to put people in a state of fear and panic, in again when they want to restrict freedom.

BBC: Osama Bin Laden; Dead or Alive

Here are a few phrases of people who confirmed the death of bin Laden:

Pakistani President Musharraf: "I ​​believe that Bin Laden is probably dead, because he could not be continually treated her renal failure. " (CNN)

Afghan President Karzai: "Osama Bin Laden is probably dead, but former Taliban chief Mullah Omar are still alive. " (CNN)

The director of the anti-terror department of the FBI, Dale Watson: "I ​​believe that bin Laden is dead. " (BBC)

The chief editor of London-based Arab News Magazine: "We published the last wish of bin Laden that was written in late 2001 and show him as he lay dying or already dead. " (CNN)

The Israeli secret service: "We do not see Bin Laden as a danger and he is not on our list" (Janes) and also "Bin Laden probably died during the attacks on the Americans in December 2001. The emergence of new stories and pictures are probably a fabrication. "

The CIA announced July 3, 2006, The New York Times, she dismissed the department which dealt with bin Laden. The mission of the unit called "Alec Station" was closed last year and the agents tasked with new missions in the fight against terror.

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