Tuesday, November 25, 2014

250 million years Microchip is found in Russia

An artifact said to be a microchip and dating from 250 million years ago was found in Russia and can be the key to an ancient lost civilization.
Last summer the city of Labinsk fishermen in the region of Krasnodar, Russia, found a stone with a strange resemblance to a microchip. After examining in depth, a group of Russian scientists came to a startling conclusion: the device has at least 250 million years, reports the local press.
This amasing discovery could apparently confirm the version that already at that time lived on earth such an advanced civilization that developed high technology, like this microchip, much of which is likely to be discovered in a near future.

Link for the local news » http://rrnews.ru/news/u3037/2014/11/22/91953


  1. As far as I know, the Russians' most famous invention is the Samovar. It is believed to be the one and only Russian invention that is not related to warfare.
    Hence the so-called "microchip" must have been developed by members of a much higher civilization... but definitely not by ancestors of Russia:)

  2. I dont think that it was named Russia 250milj years ago. All the world were different that time and belonged to Atlantis and Lemuria, that is what I heard anyway :)
    Wonder what was on that chip? Som biography maybe :)