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Norway's Massacre of the Innocents

The man blamed for the terrorist attacks on Norway’s government headquarters and an island retreat for young people that left at least 93 dead was motivated by a desire to bring about a revolution in Norwegian society, his lawyer said Sunday.
Geir Lippestad, Anders Behring Breivik’s lawyer, said his client has asked for an open court hearing “because he wants to explain himself.”
Breivik has admitted to carrying out the attacks which he described as “gruesome but necessary.”
A manifesto he published online — which police are poring over and said was posted the day of the attack — ranted against Muslim immigration to Europe and vowed revenge on “indigenous Europeans,” whom he accused of betraying their heritage. It said that they would be punished for their “treasonous acts.”
The lawyer for the 32-year-old Norwegian suspect said Sunday that his client wrote the document alone. While police said they were investigating reports of a second assailant on the island, the lawyer said Breivik claims also claims no one helped him.
The treatise detailed plans to acquire firearms and explosives, and even appeared to describe a test explosion: “BOOM! The detonation was successful!!!” It ends with a note dated 12:51 p.m. on July 22: “I believe this will be my last entry.”

That day, a bomb killed seven people in downtown Oslo and, hours later, a gunman opened fire on dozens of young people at a retreat on Utoya island. Police said Sunday that the death toll in the shooting rose to 86.
That brings the number of fatalities to 93, with more than 90 wounded. There are still people missing at both scenes. Police have not released the names of any of the victims.
Police said Sunday that a police officer had been hired to provide security on the island on his own time. It was not clear who hired him or if he was on the island at the time of the attacks.
Dr. Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss northwest of Oslo, told the Associated Press the gunman used special bullets designed to disintegrate inside the body and cause maximum internal damage. Poole said surgeons treating 16 gunshot victims have recovered no full bullets.
“These bullets more or less exploded inside the body,” Poole said. “It’s caused us all kinds of extra problems in dealing with the wounds they cause, with very strange trajectories.”
Ballistics experts say the so-called dumdum bullets also are lighter in weight and can be fired with greater accuracy over varying distances. They commonly are used by air marshals and hunters of small animals.
Six hearses pulled up at the shore of the lake surrounding the island on Sunday, as rescuers on boats continued to search for bodies in the water. Body parts remain inside the Oslo building, which housed the prime minister’s office.


In a chilling allusion to the fact that the tragedy could have even been greater, police said Sunday that Breivik still had “a considerable amount” of ammunition for both his guns — a pistol and an automatic weapon — when he surrendered.
Police and his lawyer have said that Breivik confessed to the twin attacks, but denied criminal responsibility for a day that shook peaceful Norway to its core and was the deadliest ever in peacetime. Breivik has been charged with terrorism and will be arraigned on Monday.
Geir Lippestad, Breivik’s lawyer, said his client has asked for an open court hearing “because he wants to explain himself.”
Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim said a forensics expert from Interpol would join the investigation on Sunday.
European security officials said Sunday they were aware of increased Internet chatter from individuals claiming they belonged to the Knights Templar group that Breivik refers to in the manifesto. They said they were still investigating claims that Breivik, and other far-right individuals, attended a London meeting of the group in 2002. The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the investigation.
The officials would also not immediately confirm that they had been aware of Breivik as a potential threat.
As authorities pursued the suspect’s motives, Oslo mourned the victims. Norway’s King Harald V and his wife Queen Sonja and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg crowded into Oslo Cathedral, where the pews were packed, and people spilled into the plaza outside the building. The area was strewn with flowers and candles, and people who could not fit in the grand church huddled under umbrellas in a drizzle.


The king and queen both wiped tears from their eyes during the service for “sorrow and hope.”
Afterward, people sobbed and hugged one another in the streets, as many lingered over the memorial of flowers and candles. The royal couple and prime minister later visited the site of the bombing in Oslo.
More was coming to light Sunday about the man who police say confessed to a car bomb at government headquarters in Oslo and then, hours later, opening fire on young people at an island political retreat.
Both targets were linked to Norway’s left-leaning Labor Party. Breivik’s manifesto pillories the political correctness of liberals and warns that their work will end in the colonization of Europe by Muslims.
Such fears may derive, at least in part, from the fact that Norway has grown increasingly multicultural in recent years as the prosperous Nordic nation has opened its arms to thousands of conflict refugees from Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia. The Labor Party retreat — which Prime Minister Stoltenberg fondly remembered attending summer after summer himself — reflected the country’s changing demographic as the children of immigrants get more involved in politics.
The assaults have rattled largely peaceful Norway, home to the Nobel Prize for Peace and where the average police officer patrolling in the streets doesn’t carry a firearm. Norwegians pride themselves on the openness of their society and cherish the idea of free expression.
“He wanted a change in society and, from his perspective, he needed to force through a revolution,” Lippestad, the lawyer, told public broadcaster NRK. “He wished to attack society and the structure of society.”

Lippestad said Breivik spent years writing the 1,500-page manifesto entitled, “2083 — A European Declaration of Independence.” It was signed “Andrew Berwick.” The date was referred to later in the document as the year that coups d’etat would engulf Europe and overthrow the elite he maligns.
Sponheim, the police chief, said there was no indication whether Breivik had selected his targets or fired randomly on the island. The manifesto vowed revenge on those it accused of betraying Europe.
“We, the free indigenous peoples of Europe, hereby declare a pre-emptive war on all cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Western Europe. ... We know who you are, where you live and we are coming for you,” the document said. “We are in the process of flagging every single multiculturalist traitor in Western Europe. You will be punished for your treasonous acts against Europe and Europeans.”
The use of an anglicized pseudonym could be explained by a passage in the manifesto describing the founding, in April 2002 in London, of a group he calls a new Knights Templar. The Knights Templar was a medieval order created to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land after the First Crusade.
A 12-minute video clip posted on YouTube with the same title as the manifesto featured symbolic imagery of the Knights Templar and crusader kings as well as slides suggesting Europe is being overrun by Muslims. Police could not confirm that Breivik had posted the video, which also featured photographs of him dressed in a formal military uniform and in a wet suit pointing an assault rifle.
The video was a series of slides that accused the left in Europe of allowing Muslims to overrun the continent: One image showed the BBC’s logo with the “C” changed into an Islamic crescent. Another referenced the former Soviet Union, declaring that the end result of the left’s actions would be an “EUSSR.”
In London, the leader of Ramadhan Foundation, one of Britain’s largest Muslim groups, said mosques are being extra vigilant in the wake of the attacks. Mohammed Shafiq told the Associated Press he was talking to other European Muslim leaders and British police about the need to increase security.
The last 100 pages apparently lay out details of Breivik’s social and personal life, including his steroid use and an intention to solicit prostitutes in the days before the attack.


Also Sunday, police carried out raids in an Oslo neighbourhood on suspicion of explosives. Police spokesman Henning Holtaas said no explosives were found and no one was arrested.
Witnesses at the island youth retreat described how Breivik lured them close by saying he was a police officer before opening fire. People hid and fled into the water to escape the rampage; some played dead.
Divers continued to comb the lake waters around the island where some 600 young people were attending a Labor Party summer retreat when it came under attack, amid fears people may have drowned while trying to swim to safety.
Police said the bomb used in the Oslo blast was a mixture of fertilizer and fuel used to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. A farm supply store said Saturday they had alerted police that Breivik bought six metric tons of fertilizer, which can be used in homemade bombs.


Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday called on people to renounce hatred in the face of the “deep sorrow” felt over the terror attacks in Norway.
The pope urged people to pray for the dead, the wounded and their loved ones as he spoke to pilgrims and tourists from the balcony of his summer palace in Castel Gandolfo near Rome.
“Unfortunately, yet again comes news of death and violence,” Benedict said at the start of his greetings to the faithful. “We all feel deep sorrow for the grave terrorist acts.”
“I want to again repeat my grief-stricken appeal to all to abandon forever the way of hatred and to run away from the logic of evil,” Benedict said in his remarks, speaking in Italian.
A day earlier, the pope sent a condolence message to Norway’s king in which he denounced the “senseless violence.”
His envoy in Norway decried the terror attacks as “madness” and said in an interview with Vatican Radio on Saturday the victims would be remembered at Sunday Mass.


 Utoya massacre victims, rescue effort 

 Events Timeline

2.36pm (BST) The centre of Oslo is rocked by at least one huge explosion, close to the government's headquarters and the offices of VG, the country's biggest newspaper. Initial fears suggest that Jens Stoltenberg, the country's prime minister, has been caught up in the blast, but government officials confirm he was not in his office at the time.

3.40pm Reports that more blasts are imminent cause panic throughout the city centre and people begin to flee the area. Locals living near the epicentre of the blast are told to evacuate their homes. Hundreds of victims are feared trapped in the devastated buildings.

3.46pm Norwegian police issue the first confirmation that a "powerful explosion" has taken place in the government quarter of the city. Shortly afterwards, NRK, the country's public broadcaster, reports that there has been at least one death. That figure rises to two.
5.10pm Emergency services in Oslo say at least 15 people have been injured in the blast, but the scale of the damage to surrounding buildings suggests many more could be hurt.

5.16pm Mr Stoltenberg is taken to a secret location for his own safety, but issues a statement on television confirming that he is safe and well. He tells the Norwegian people that the ongoing situation is "very serious".

5.25pm Reports begin to emerge of an incident at a youth camp outside Oslo organized by the ruling Norwegian Labour Party. Local journalists report that a gunman dressed as a policeman has opened fire on delegates gathered on the island of Utoya, right. Mr Stoltenberg who was due to address the meeting today describes the unfolding situation as "critical".

6pm Initial reports suggest multiple casualties at the Labour Party meeting, where more than 500 people were attending the annual event. Anti-terrorist squads are scrambled to the island and one person is arrested.

6.30pm The authorities confirm at least five people have been killed on Utoya.

6.45pm Supporters of the Global Jihad terror group claim responsibility for the attack. The group claims Norway has been targeted because of its "occupation of Afghanistan and the abuse of our Prophet Muhammad".

7pm The head of Oslo University Hospital says there are more than 100 walking wounded from the bomb blasts.

7.10pm With some mobile telephones being jammed, locals in Oslo are asked to unlock their Wi-Fi signals in order to allow those trapped in buildings to communicate with emergency services.

7.15pm The official death toll rises to 12 with five dead on the island and seven killed in the bomb blast. However, unofficial reports suggest the toll may be much higher.

 •  “As we all know, the root of Europe’s problems is the lack of cultural self-confidence (nationalism). Most people are still terrified of nationalistic political doctrines thinking that if we ever embrace these principles again, new “Hitler’s” will suddenly pop up and initiate global Armageddon ... This irrational fear of nationalistic doctrines is preventing us from stopping our own national/cultural suicide as the Islamic colonization is increasing annually ... You cannot defeat Islamization or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/cultural Marxism.”

 • “I don’t hate Muslims at all. I acknowledge that there are magnificent Muslim individuals in Europe. In fact, I have had several Muslim friends over the years, some of which I still respect. This does not mean however that I will accept an Islamic presence in Europe. Muslim individuals who do not assimilate 100% within 2020 will be deported as soon as we manage to seize power.”
 • “Although I do admit that I am disgusted by the current development, I would rather say I’m driven by my love for Europe, European culture and all Europeans. This does not mean that I oppose diversity. But appreciating diversity does not mean that you support genocide of your own culture and people.”

"It should be noted that even if the letters (mailing campaigns) doesn’t contain real anthrax but instead a hoax powder, it will still have very beneficial results."
Pistol training
"Pistol training November, December and January Pistol training was initiated in order to fulfill the government requirement for purchase. 15 training sessions in November, December and January was completed and documented."
Choosing his weapons
"HK416 assault rifle with “redpoint” optics (4 extra long clips) Alternatively: any assault rifle (AK 47 etc.). Glock handgun with silencer and laser (2-4 extra long clips) 3 splint grenades. 1-2 shock grenade. 2 x arm defensive devices (knives). Gas mask"
The countries he has travelled to
"I have had the privilege of experiencing the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany, Poland, Belarus, France, Austria, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, US, Turkey, Mexico, China, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia."
Video games
"I took a year off when I was 25 and played WoW [World of Warcraft] PvE hardcore for a year. ... I’m currently playing Modern Warfare 2 casually."
Good and bad
"Stealing [through online piracy] is bad, I admit, but then again, when you have devoted your entire life to a good cause you can allow yourself some naughtiness especially if it can contribute to conserve your funds, cough;). Yes, yes, no ones perfect:P"
"I am currently watching Dexter, the series about that forensic mass murderer"
His stepmother
"I’ve also scheduled to meet my stepmom ... she’s retired now, so she is currently not in danger of any KT attacks. Although I care for her a great deal, I wouldn’t hold it against the KT if she was executed during an attack against UDI, as she used to be a primary tool and category B traitor for the multiculturalist regime of Norway, high treason she should be familiar with."
He predicts his representation in the media
"However, since I manifest their worst nightmare (systematical and organized executions of multiculturalist traitors), they will probably just give me the full propaganda rape package and propagate the following accusations: pedophile, engaged in incest activities, homosexual, psycho, ADHD, thief, non-educated, inbred, maniac, insane, monster etc. I will be labeled as the biggest (Nazi-)monster ever witnessed since WW2."
His sign off from his letter
"Sincere and patriotic regards,
Andrew Berwick, London, England - 2011
Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe and one of several leaders of the National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement
With the assistance from brothers and sisters in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the US etc. "

If you wanth to read the full Manifesto click HERE

after taking an hour and a half to reach the scene of the massacre Norwegian police attempts to justify itself, is incomprehensible that the delayto to react to a terrorist atack is so big, many lives were taken because of that

Before leaving for the street and kill en masse, Anders Breivik Behring took drugs to feel "stronger and more efficient," says Geir Lippestad , his defense lawyer.

Speaking to the media he said his client took drugs before starting the massacre and found that Breivik regrets what happened but considers the killing necessary because of the state of "war" people are living in Europe.

Lippestad advances it is still "too early" to say whether his client is insane, but adds that "it looks that way."

According to the Telegraph, the lawyer Behring Anders Breivik describes as "a cold man" and adds that "it is very difficult to describe because y do not know anyone who is like him."

At a press conference held in Oslo, it was confirmed that Breivik was in Britain while preparing his "war against Islam."

Breivik has not consider him self guilty of murder in court, because, he said, is at war and  at war those laws do not apply - like killing people - are seen as necessary.

Breivik's Defence Statement in full - Oslo Court


  1. R.I.P Norway's massacred people

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    if 90 million dolphins or penquins or whales died , every encyclopedia would have recorded this.

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